Eco-Friendly Ways to Unclog Drains

Clogged toilets, sinks, and floor drains are a hassle and can be quite nasty. If you’re faced with kitchen or bathroom clog and you want to get back to business as usual, there are measures you can take to alleviate the blockage.

At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we believe in using eco-friendly approaches to clearing drains. We highly discourage the use of chemical cleaners not only because they are destructive to water pipes and drains, but can pose a serious hazard to children and pets.

So, what are my options?

That’s a great question. Here are three solutions you can try that often yield good results.

Pick Up the Plunger

Every household should have a plunger. Yes, this tool isn’t pleasant, but it’s the first line of defense against a tough clog. Plunging works well for shallow clogs. Blockages that have moved past the toilet trap or are further in the piping that attached to your sink may require professional drain cleaning.

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Try Baking Soda

Sometimes plunging a toilet doesn’t remove all the debris. If the drain is still moving slowly, try pouring a cup of baking soda down the drain followed by three cups of boiling water. This mixture works well at loosening debris left behind and may help you achieve that clear drain.

Add Vinegar

If the clog is resistant to plunging and baking soda, try a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. The best ratio of baking soda to vinegar is 1:1. In this case, start with ½ cup of baking soda and ½ cup of warm vinegar.

If these solutions don’t get your drains clear, it’s time to call your local plumber. Rooter Hero Plumbing plumbers have specialized drain cleaning equipment like the hydro-jet to get rid of tough clogs.

To learn more about your drain cleaning options, get in touch with a Rooter Hero Plumber today.

3 Frightful Reasons Drains Clog

At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we’re proud of the work our plumbers do on a daily basis. Not only is the quality of work performed the best in the industry, but our licensed plumbers are always professional even in some of the most awkward situations. As the leading residential plumber for drain cleaning and sewer line repair, we’ve seen it all. While there are the usual culprits that clog drains like too much toilet tissue, excessive waste buildup, and the occasional children’s toy, there are also surprises that even our most experienced plumbers are not expecting.


Yep! Sometimes that clogged sink isn’t caused by too much toothpaste buildup, but by removable dental appliances. Actually, dental appliances like dentures often slip off the vanity and end up in the drain pipes. It really isn’t an unusual circumstance.  It happens more often than you think, but that doesn’t reduce the shock factor when one of our plumbers happens upon a pair of choppers in the P-trap.


Not to get too personal with this example, but undergarments are not meant to be disposed of in the toilet. Our pros know how to keep a straight face when they pull a pair of not-so-tidy-whities out of a clogged drain; however, let’s be honest for a moment. It’s not their proudest moment or yours when they stand in your bathroom explaining the cause of the problem. Do yourself and your plumber a favor and throw undergarments away in the trash can.

Prosthetic Eyeballs

This weird plumbing clog takes the top prize. If you’re thoroughly appalled and a bit sick to your stomach when you read this, you’re not alone. But, it has been known to happen a time or two. People who need prosthetic eyeballs may fumble with the prosthesis and lose it down the sink. If this happens to you, we want you to call us. Sure, our plumbers may be a little squeamish during the retrieval process, but who wouldn’t be? We want to make sure we provide the best service to every single customer. May we just recommend that you thoroughly clean the prosthesis before placing it back in the socket? Or, better yet, please call your physician to determine the proper sanitation steps to take to keep your safe and infection-free.

At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we go above and beyond for our customers. No matter what is clogging your drains, we’ll go the extra mile to make sure your needs are taken care of 100%. And, in some cases, if it’s an exceptional circumstance we’ll have a good laugh.

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