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Clogs are a constant occurrence that keeps plumbers busy. Rooter Hero Plumbing receives calls every day for assistance with clogged drains, toilets, and sinks among other plumbing needs. We usually advise the homeowners to try our drain cleaning San Diego preventive measures to ensure they do not struggle with clogs often.

Expert Advice to Avoid Clogs

Our expert plumbers usually provide some advice to the homeowners on the different ways they can prevent the clogs. The causes of this problem may vary according to size and type.

Kitchen Clogs

Drain Cleaning San DiegoGrease is the major culprit when it comes to kitchen clogs. Many people use hot or warm water when washing utensils and this usually liquefies the grease but it eventually cools in the drain and coagulate forming a barrier for any solid substance as well as some water, eventually, this will become a clog. We advise that cold water instead is used so that the coagulation occurs straight away without getting into the drain pipe. There are also clogs caused by vegetables in garbage disposal. Manual removal is recommended for this.

Utility Drain Clogs

Since these are mainly on the ground, the threat of clogging is posed by dirt that may be swept to the drain. Luckily they have a strainer that prevents the solid stuff from going into the drain. The Rooter Hero Plumbing experts, however, caution that a lot of dirt trapped by the strainer can still prevent water from flowing freely, they recommend that as part of maintenance, homeowners clean the strainer and avoid trying to get dirt to be washed down the drain.

Toilet Clogs

For many homeowners, having a plunger will take care of these clogs but not all clogs can be dealt with the use of a plunger. Children’s toys, a shoe the dog dropped in there and got flashed can result in the need for complete sewer cleaning San Diego. It is also advised that you have a drain snake, otherwise, call Rooter Hero Plumbing.

Bathroom Clogs

For bathrooms, hair is the biggest culprit. Avoid getting the hair into the drain by having a screen and cleaning the screen regularly. You would be surprised by the amount of San Diego Plumbing repair that is as a result of hair clogging the drain.

What Rooter Hero Plumbing can Do for You?

Do you have a clogged drain? The causes of this could be varied even if you may have been following the expert advice. Sometimes buildup over the years can cause clogs. Our plumbers will come in and investigate, we use cameras to see what is causing the clog and we proceed to clear it up.

We can also repair broken drain pipes with an epoxy coating that is sprayed on the inside of the pipe to add more life to it.

Why You Should Choose Rooter Hero Plumbing:

  • We use hi-tech equipment like camera feed and hydro jet equipment to clear the drain quickly
  • We can clean your pipes without causing any damage
  • Our team of plumbers is highly experienced
  • We get the job done in one day
  • Our affordable service is reliable with satisfaction guaranteed

Do not struggle with clogged drains; call our plumber San Diego Rooter Hero expert to help you.

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