Northern California

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If you live in Northern California, we’ve got you covered. Every state and city has unique characteristics when it comes to plumbing codes and weather conditions.

Rooter Hero has years of experience working in the Northern California market. Most homes have raised foundations, and a few are on slab. Not every plumber is experienced in both, but Rooter Hero is. When it comes to raised foundations we are the experts at diagnosing problems under your home. We will provide you with photos and solutions that will keep your system operating at peak performance.

Northern California has to deal with long periods of rain from time to time. The average rainfall in San Francisco is almost 24” per year. We want to make sure your yard drain system is operating properly to keep that water out of you house.

Northern California has earthquakes and that can affect your sewer lines. Earth movements can disjoint sewer lines making it impossible to remove waste from your system. This misalignment of your sewer system can present health issues. We understand the challenges of working in this environment.

Rooter Hero has more than ninety years of heritage in the plumbing industry. We were around when some of the city’s sewer lines were installed and we are still here servicing your homes. You can depend on Rooter Hero to be up to date on city codes and to provide you with the solution to your problem.

We also understand that older homes in Northern California can experience problems anytime day or night that’s why we are on the job 24-hours a day 7-days a week. There is never an overtime, emergency or holiday charge. If you have a problem at two o’clock in the morning, call us and a live customer service agent will take your call and dispatch one our professionals to your home right away.

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