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Plumbing Repair & Maintenance San Gabriel ValleyRooter Hero Plumbing is your trusted plumber San Gabriel Valley that treats every plumbing issue as an emergency. We know what it is like not to be able to use your kitchen, toilet or bathroom for long and that is why we get to you as soon as possible and work fast to ensure you have a working plumbing system in the shortest time needed to have it fixed.

We are well aware of the new plumbing regulations set in the California State since January 2019 which requires homeowners to replace non-compliant plumbing fixtures for all buildings (both residential and commercial) built prior to 1994. We can successfully replace the old plumbing fixtures at an affordable price.

We pride ourselves in getting the diagnosis of the problem right and then proceeding to provide a cost-effective and efficient service. Your satisfaction is paramount and we make certain of that at the end of the task.

Our core services include:

  • Emergency plumbing issues
  • Home plumbing
  • Commercial plumbing

Plumbing Maintenance San Gabriel Valley

We have a team of experienced and trustworthy plumbers who know what it takes to get different plumbing jobs done.

Rooter Hero Plumbing uses the latest technology to diagnose and remedy your plumbing issues and this helps us work better and faster at a reasonable cost. We are a licensed company and are available round the clock to assist you.


Many have trouble with clogs in the drain as well as the toilets. Wherever there is a clog, we have the manpower, equipment and the knowledge to have the water flowing smoothly through the pipes. We have never come across a clog that we cannot unclog.


We are experienced in dealing with different plumbing repair San Gabriel Valley issues as well as installation. It could be replacement pipes that you want to be installed or there might be a leaking pipe that needs to be repaired. We have the right team for the job and nothing is too big or too small for us.

Pipe Jetting

Has your water pressure dropped because of sludge or debris stuck in there? We can use our high-pressure water jet to neatly clean up the pipe and restore it to its original functionality with water flowing through with ease and we do not have to break or destroy any fixtures.

Commercial Plumbing

Do you need a team of dedicated plumber San Gabriel Valley to handle big commercial jobs, Rooter Hero Plumbing will be your partner and work professionally to provide quality work according to the deadline. We also do the maintenance of commercial building systems with a focus on efficiency and value for money. We understand the need and then provide the exact service you require at an affordable cost.

Water Heaters

Rooter Hero Plumbing can handle every aspect of water heater services, we can install them, provide maintenance as well as repair. We also provide expert advice to ensure that the water heater continues to run as it is supposed to.

Reasons to Choose Rooter Hero Plumbing

  • We are always available with round the clock assistance every day
  • Our staff is professional and trustworthy
  • Rooter Hero Plumbing focuses on quality service at an affordable cost
  • We are a professional and certified plumbing company
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed

If you are looking for a plumbing company you can trust near you, then call us now and let us impress you with our expert services.



  • Fast response time – We’ll get to you within the hour because we know you have a problem NOW.
  • Available 7/24/365 – Whether it’s Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve we are on the job ready to help save your day.
  • Our technicians receive regular training and are background checked – This gives the families we serve peace of mind.
  • Ninety-plus (90+) years of plumbing experience and heritage – means we’ve seen it all and we know how to fix your problem.
  • Latest sewer technology – means we can fix or replace your sewer line with very little downtime or inconvenience to you and your family.
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