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San Diego Drain and Sewer Cleaning ServicesSometimes it may be possible to clean up your drain on your own with a product you may find in a local hardware store. But many do not know the right products to use and end up using those that damage the pipes in the long run. We often end up being called in after the damage is done. You could have saved time and money by calling our San Diego drain cleaning experts.

A clogged sewer line or drain pipe does not only emit an unpleasant smell, but it can also be a cause of disease. We often recommend that home and business owners have professionals who know the ins and outs of drain cleaning, handle the entire procedure.

Home Drain and Sewer Cleaning

If you are in San Diego and looking for a company that can relieve you of a clocked kitchen sink or a sewer line that seems to let nothing go through it anymore, Rooter Hero Plumbing is at your service. Our team of experts is available to help you any time of the day. We know how clogged drains can bring life in your home to a standstill and that is why we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services.

At times in the course of cleaning the sewer, we may discover damaged pipes. We will be able to provide the San Diego sewer line repair. We use hi-tech equipment like drain cameras that are able to show us exactly what the problem is and where it is located, we can then go on to provide the best fix for the problem. This saves time and money.

Commercial Drain and Sewer Cleaning

We have expertise in providing drain cleaning services for commercial clients especially restaurants and hotels which have no room for faulty drains and sewers. Our state of the art cleaning equipment can remove grease and other sludge from the pipes and leave them flowing as good as new. We use high-pressure jets to clean out whatever is blocking the smooth flow. We also provide our clients with preventative action so that there are less emergency calls about clogged drains or sewers.

Video Inspection

We do not blindly clean your drain, we first perform a video inspection to ensure we know exactly what we are dealing with. Our drain cleaning San Diego CA service is fast and effective because of this video inspection. We are at times able to determine problems that may not be evident because the system may be working seemingly well.

Reasons to Choose Us

  • Our services are affordable
  • We do not waste time on trial and error, we can identify the exact drain cleaning needs
  • We employ advanced cleaning methods that completely clean the pipes
  • We have experience of many years with this job

Whenever you think of San Diego drain cleaning, give us a call. We are available round the clock serving the San Diego neighborhood

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