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When it comes to drain and sewer issues, Rooter Hero Plumbing is your top choice! With 90+ years of heritage and experience, we are the experts in providing high-quality plumbing services at affordable rates. Our professionals are specially trained to provide the best sewer and drain repair services. We offer sewer repairs services including

  • Trenchless sewer repair
  • Interior sewer repairs
  • Exterior sewer repairs and
  • Hand dig sewer repairs

Our professionals assist you in all San Diego plumbing needs with a quick, efficient, and affordable service that anyone can rely on.

24×7 Emergency Service – San Diego Plumbing

If you are struggling with clogged drains or sewer lines, our 24-hour emergency plumber in San Diego is available to assist you any time of the day or night. Our professionals use a sophisticated fiber optic, waterproof camera to identify the issues with your drain or sewer lines as quickly as possible. Whether your pipe is broken, blocked, crushed, damaged, or punctured, we provide you an expert solution to fix the issue in no time.

When to Call an Emergency Plumber in San Diego

You must call an emergency plumber in San Diego if an accumulated waste or an outside environmental circumstance caused a blockage in your sewer line or drains. Some of the reasons that cause blockage are listed below:

  • Sludge from the kitchen sink or flushed from the toilet built up over time
  • Obstructive objects got flushed down the lines
  • Tree roots grew and spread on the pipes
  • Broken pipes
  • Pipe sagging

As your local professional, we can be at your home within 90 minutes, addressing your repair needs and performing routine maintenance to avoid future problems. We also guarantee to offer affordable cost estimates and employ advanced techniques to save you time and money.

How Our Professionals Can Help?

Our team of professionals at Rooter Hero Plumbing specializes in drain repair and maintenance. We are equipped to prevent the risk of backup or other problems, such as burst pipes or overflow. Our plumbing vans are fully equipped with all the tools and replacement parts needed to take care of any job, so we don’t have to make a trip out to find more materials for the job. Our San Diego plumbing professionals are well-trained and certified to perform various techniques, including hydro-jetting or video camera inspection to detect drains and sewer lines problems.

At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we guarantee excellent results for all of your drain repair and maintenance services. With a regular plumbing maintenance service, you can avoid all the complex issue from occurring. Our routine plumbing maintenance services your plumbing is always up to speed and that your water is flowing at full capacity.

Rooter Hero Plumbing has all the necessary tools and expertise to handle all the drain and sewer repair needs. Call us now to schedule your next service!

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  • Our technicians receive regular training and are background checked – This gives the families we serve peace of mind.
  • Ninety-plus (90+) years of plumbing experience and heritage – means we’ve seen it all and we know how to fix your problem.
  • Latest sewer technology – means we can fix or replace your sewer line with very little downtime or inconvenience to you and your family.
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