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Drain Cleaning in Reno, NV

The symptoms of a clogged drain might seem innocent at first but ignoring slow drainage can make way for bigger problems down the line. As the blockage builds up, you could end up experiencing wastewater backups, overflowing toilets, and even burst pipes. Don’t wait until you have a mess on your hands. Call Rooter Hero to request drain cleaning in Reno as soon as possible and enjoy your peace of mind. Our uniformed plumbers are trained and equipped to get to the root of the blockage and inspect for any complications. We are happy to schedule a convenient appointment or arrange an emergency drain cleaning today.

Drain Cleaning in Reno, NV

Why Choose Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air?

Rooter Hero is a regionally recognized name that has been around for decades, and we plan to be around for years to come. We invite you to read some of our customer reviews to get an idea of why thousands choose Rooter Hero.

In short, homeowners and business owners choose Rooter Hero for reliable, affordable, and timely service. Our skilled plumbers are experienced and regularly trained to identify, diagnose, and resolve plumbing issues at the root. We have stocked vehicles on standby so that we can dispatch to your location as soon as possible, and our prices are second to none. We share regular discounts, coupons, and promotional offers, and we are prepared to beat any local competitors’ coupons. We are confident in our pricing and give price estimates BEFORE the work begins.

Clogged Drain Repair Reno, NV

Don’t Delay Drain Cleaning

Some of the early signs of a blockage in the drain line installation include foul odors coming from sinks, slow drainage, and gurgling sounds as water goes down the drains. These warning signs might seem like only a nuisance but delaying drain cleaning can allow the blockage to get worse. Severe blockages can restrict the flow of water, leading to wastewater and sewage backups, leaking drains, and water damage to your property.

Why put off drain cleaning and put up with slow drainage and the risk of greater damage when Rooter Hero is one call away? Our friendly representatives are on standby to take your call at any time of the day.

For Thorough Results…

Many times, a drain snake and some elbow grease can dislodge a blockage. There are some drawbacks to this traditional method though. Drain snaking is not so effective for deeper blockages and the results are not thorough. The residue left behind can act as the starting point for the very next clog.

Hydro jetting drain cleaning is a modern solution for an age-old problem. This service begins with a video inspection of the drain line, to both pinpoint the blockage and check for damage to the drains. Fractured or misaligned drains will be recommended for a clogged drain line repair. If the coast is clear, then the located blockage will be blasted with pressurized water capable of breaking through even dried concrete and tree roots.

For thorough and long-lasting results, opt for hydro jetting service in Reno. Call Rooter Hero to learn more about this premier service.

What If Drains are Damaged?

Cautious homeowners who are mindful about what goes down the drains are sometimes shocked to hear that their drains are clogged. Sadly, there are external factors that can cause a blockage in the drain line. For instance, invasive tree roots can penetrate through the plumbing in their search for water. The result can be a damaged drain line that also restricts flow.

If the drains are damaged, then there is little point in cleaning them. Fortunately, our uniformed plumbers come prepared to handle a clogged drain repair in Reno too. If the damage is extensive, or if your property is especially old, then it might be time for a drain line replacement.

If you are wondering whether a drain line replacement in Reno is due, then call Rooter Hero to consult with a knowledgeable member of our team.

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