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Leak Detection Service in North Hollywood, CA

Leaks are one of the most damaging and aggravating plumbing problems in most residential properties. Even a small leak can grow and cause significant damage, such as drywall destruction and other major issues, not forgetting high utility bills and water damage. The reality is that most leak-related problems usually occur at the least expected time, causing a lot of frustration. Scheduling regular maintenance with Rooter Hero Plumbing helps you avoid such situations since our plumbers have the expertise and equipment needed for leak detection. Rooter Hero Plumbing helps you avoid leak-related repercussions by providing top-notch leak detection in North Hollywood.

Leak Detection in North Hollywood, CA

Whether you are experiencing a kitchen sink leak, slab leak, toilet leak, or basement leak, they present a unique problem when it comes to repairs: for starters, finding the precise location of the leak. Unless a leak suddenly springs up in areas that the pipes are visible, it is difficult for a homeowner to pinpoint where the leak is located. As the leading North Hollywood leak detection company, Rooter Hero Plumbing has experienced plumbers handling water leak repair.

Leak detection is an important service offered by Rooter Hero Plumbing in North Hollywood. We use special techniques to find out where leaks are for accurate and quick repair. Some of the techniques used during leak detection in North Hollywood include:

Acoustic Listening Devices

Listening disks and ground microphones are among the tools used in leak detection. The use of sound technology in plumbing enables us to hear the noise made by escaping water or dripping through concrete. This technique effectively detects leaks that are not visible, saving a lot of time and money in the long run. Using this equipment goes a long way in ensuring exceptional leak repair in North Hollywood.

Heat Scanners

Although acoustic listeners are handy in leak detection, they tend to be ineffective in areas that are too deep or too noisy. That’s why we recommend using heat scanners, which are used to detect fluctuation in temperature. Whether you have a slab leak or a leak beneath the ground, using a heat scanner helps us find out exactly where it is.

Water Leak Repair in North Hollywood, CA

Video Pipe Inspection Equipment

Leak detection is something that most property owners dread, mostly because of the damage and costs that follow. We can provide precise leak detection in North Hollywood through video pipe inspection equipment. We use a miniaturized camera mounted on a long fiber optic cable and relays images back to a monitor where the plumber can see inside the pipe. This makes it easy for our team to detect and repair the leak quickly.

When there’s a leak-related emergency, most people opt to take the shortcut and search online for leak detection near me. Save yourself the hassle of going through a long list of leak detection service providers by contacting the experts at Rooter Hero Plumbing. We have a dedicated team of professionals that are dedicated and well-equipped to provide quality leak repair in North Hollywood. 

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