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Toilet Replacement in Laguna Beach, CA

At Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air, we provide quality residential and commercial services for local customers including new toilet installation, maintenance tasks, inspections, clog removals, and toilet repair in Laguna Beach, California, and nearby areas. A toilet has a lot more going on than meets the eye, and a good understanding of how to properly care for one can be a real lifesaver when things go south.

Toilet Replacement in Laguna Beach, CA

Fixing Leaks and Running Toilets

Leaks and constantly running toilets are not just annoying; they can increase your water bill significantly. Thankfully, with a little DIY spirit, most of these issues can be resolved easily.

  • Check the Flapper: Often, a running toilet is caused by a flapper that is not sealing properly. Remove the tank lid, and inspect the flapper for any signs of wear or damage. If necessary, replace the flapper to ensure a good seal.
  • Inspect the Fill Valve: A faulty fill valve can lead to a running toilet. Inspect it for any signs of damage or malfunction, and replace it if necessary.
  • Look for Leaks: If you notice water pooling around the base of your toilet, it might be a leak. Dry the floor and flush the toilet to locate the source of the leak. It might be from the base or from the connections to the tank.
  • Test the Flush Handle: Sometimes, the handle itself can be the culprit. It might be too loose or too tight, preventing the flapper from sealing properly. Adjust the handle to ensure it operates the flapper correctly.
  • Use Food Coloring: To identify silent leaks, add a few drops of food coloring to the tank. Wait for about 10-15 minutes without flushing. If the color appears in the bowl, it indicates a leak somewhere in the system.

With these tips, you can keep your toilet running efficiently and prevent high water bills or an emergency toilet repair in Laguna Beach.

Addressing Flushing Issues

A toilet that won't flush properly can be a source of frustration. Here are some simple steps to help you resolve common flushing issues:

  • Check the Water Level: For a toilet to flush properly, the tank should be filled to the correct level, usually marked inside the tank. Adjust the fill valve to ensure the correct water level.
  • Clear Obstructions: A common cause of flushing issues is obstructions in the drain. You can use a plunger to clear any obstructions in the bowl.
  • Inspect the Flush Chain: If your toilet has a flush chain connecting the flush handle to the flapper, ensure that it is not too slack or too tight, which can prevent proper flushing.
  • Clean the Rim: The rim of the toilet bowl has small holes through which water enters to swirl and flush away waste. Over time, these holes can become clogged. Clean them using a small brush to ensure a powerful flush.
  • Snake the Drain: Sometimes, obstructions can be deep in the drain, requiring a toilet auger or snake to clear. These tools can cause damage to your toilet or pipes if used incorrectly, so if you’re uncomfortable using them, it’s best to call a plumber for a safe and easy clogged toilet fix.

When to Call a Professional Plumber

While DIY solutions can solve many toilet issues, there comes a time when calling a professional plumber is the best course of action. Here are some instances when you should definitely consider calling in the experts:

  • Recurring Issues: If you find yourself constantly dealing with the same issues, it’s time to call a professional to identify and fix the underlying problem permanently.
  • Water Damage: If you notice water damage to the flooring or walls near the toilet, it's a clear sign of a serious leak that needs expert attention.
  • Installation and Upgrades: When it's time to install a new toilet or upgrade the existing one, calling a toilet installer in Laguna Beach will ensure the job is done correctly and safely, adhering to all necessary building codes.
  • Sewer Smell: If there is a persistent sewer smell in your bathroom, it could indicate a serious issue with your drain or venting system, requiring professional intervention.

Do You Need a Professional Plumber or Toilet Installer in Laguna Beach, CA?

The next time you’re struggling with a toilet mishap or need a clogged toilet fix, call the team at Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air. Our specialists will help you troubleshoot any issue that comes up, so you can keep your toilet in top shape long-term. Contact our office for more details or to schedule an appointment for your next repair, inspection, clog removal, or toilet replacement in Laguna Beach, California.

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