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Toilet Replacement in Palo Alto, CA

Toilets are incredibly durable plumbing fixtures, but sooner or later they will become irreparably damaged, out of style, water-wasting monsters, or outdated. If it’s time for your toilet replacement in Palo Alto, then put your faith in the time-tested professionals at Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air. In addition to replacements, our trained plumbers also offer toilet repair and toilet installation services. Call Rooter Hero to get in touch with a courteous member of our team today. We can schedule a convenient appointment or arrange an emergency repair for as soon as possible.

Toilet Replacement in Palo Alto, CA

Common Issues We Get to the Root Of

Toilets are essential fixtures in any household, and they are deceptively simple. In reality, there is a lot that can go wrong with a toilet. Here are just some of the common toilet issues that Rooter Hero can resolve:

  • Clogs are one of the most prevalent toilet issues. They can occur due to excessive toilet paper usage, flushing non-flushable items, or a buildup of debris in the drain. Our clogged toilet fix is designed for long-lasting relief from this notorious toilet issue.
  • A toilet that continues to run after flushing can waste a significant amount of water and lead to higher water bills. This issue is often caused by a faulty flapper valve, but our plumbers evaluate multiple potential causes.
  • Water pooling around the base of the toilet indicates a leak, which can result from a damaged wax ring or loose bolts securing the toilet to the floor. Leaks can lead to water damage and must be addressed promptly.
  • A weak or incomplete flush may be caused by various factors, including a clogged rim feed, a malfunctioning flapper, or an issue with the flush valve.
  • Phantom flushing, also known as a ghost flush, occurs when the toilet spontaneously flushes without anyone using it.
  • Cracks in the porcelain of the toilet bowl or tank can lead to leaks and potential water damage. If cracks are detected, a toilet replacement is often the most effective solution to prevent further issues.
  • Corrosion or rust on the internal components of the toilet, such as the flush handle or bolts, can impact functionality.

If your toilet is acting fishy, then it’s better to be safe than sorry. Call Rooter Hero to have a trained plumber investigate and resolve small issues before they have a chance to spiral into big problems.

Why Replace the Toilet?

Responsible property owners replace their toilet before it causes a mess and interrupts a busy schedule. Whether for practical, aesthetic, or efficiency reasons, replacing a toilet can offer various benefits:

  1. Water Efficiency
  2. Aesthetic Upgrade
  3. Improved Technology
  4. Reduced Maintenance
  5. Height and Comfort Preference
  6. Alleviating Environmental Concerns
  7. Resolving Persistent Issues
  8. Health and Safety Benefits

If your toilet is outdated, less than functional, out of style, or is over 15 years old, then it might be worth consulting with a toilet installer in Palo Alto. We are happy to evaluate your existing toilet, help you choose the perfect toilet installation for your property, and correctly take care of the mounting the first time around.

Call Now for Emergency Toilet Repair

The sight of the toilet water level rising is nightmarish, but a hero is just a call away. Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air is proud to offer emergency toilet repair in Palo Alto. Contact us at any time of the day to request an urgent dispatch. Our local plumbers are ready when you are.

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