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Reliable Sewer Repair in Rohnert Park, CA

The sewer line connecting the building’s plumbing to the sewer main under the public road is arguably the most crucial piece of plumbing on your property. It is also the property owner’s responsibility in most cases. Property owners looking for sewer line cleaning and sewer repair in Rohnert Park are welcome to call Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air for affordable and reliable service. Our uniformed plumbers are experienced, trained, and equipped to get to the root of the issue and nip it in the bud. We also offer sewer line installation and replacement services. Call Rooter Hero to speak with a live representative and schedule a convenient appointment or request an emergency sewer repair today.

Sewer Repair in Rohnert Park, CA

Schedule Your Routine Sewer Line Cleaning

Typically, sewer lines should be cleaned on an as-needed basis, but many property owners make it a point to schedule periodic appointments – usually once every couple of years. If you notice slow drainage, gurgling sounds from sinks and toilets, or backups, then it might be time to schedule an appointment. Rooter Hero employs advanced video technology to inspect the sewer line and pinpoint any blockages. Then, we blast the clog with highly pressurized water, sending the debris down the line and leaving the sewer line clean as a whistle. Call Rooter Hero to schedule a flexible appointment today.

Why You Must Maintain and Repair the Sewer Line

The sewer line connects your building’s plumbing to the sewer main under the public road, and it is only about 4 inches in diameter and buried a few feet underground. As a potential pain point, the sewer line should be maintained and repaired in a timely fashion. Otherwise, you could find yourself dealing with a host of problems, including but not limited to:

  • Blockages and associated inconveniences such as slow drainage, foul odors, and backups
  • Sewer line leaks which can contaminate the soil and underground water
  • Rodent and insect infestations
  • Damage to the building’s foundation

The sewer line is the property owner’s responsibility, so be sure to schedule routine maintenance and cleaning. Also, keep your eyes – and nose – peeled for signs of trouble. Look out for foul odors, patches of overly lush grass, indentations in the yard, and cockroach or rat infestations. Call Rooter Hero as soon as you notice an issue.

Time to Replace the Sewer Line?

The sewer line is usually built to last several decades if not a century or more. Unfortunately, accidental damage and neglect can cut that life expectancy short. The good news is that a sewer line replacement is quicker and simpler nowadays. Our trenchless sewer line replacement is minimally invasive and saves property owners from having to restore their yard after the plumbers leave. Call Rooter Hero to learn more about our trenchless sewer line replacement in Rohnert Park.

Emergency Sewer Repair Available

Do you need sewer repair NOW? Call Rooter Hero to speak with a live representative and request an emergency dispatch. Don’t forget to ask about our trenchless sewer repair in Rohnert Park.

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