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Emergency Water Heater Repair in Encinitas, CA

Without a functioning water heater, carrying out household activities like cooking, cleaning and showering can be difficult. If you’re located in Encinitas, CA and your water heater is experiencing trouble, it’s best to call a dependable plumbing company that offers water heater repair in Encinitas, CA. A malfunctioning water heater can waste a lot of energy, cause water damage to your property, and present many safety risks. If you notice signs of water heater failure, ensure you look for "water heater repair near me" and have your unit repaired as soon as possible.  

Water Heater Repair in Encinitas, CA

Water Heater Replacement in Encinitas, CA

At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we provide reliable water heater replacement in Encinitas and the nearby areas.

Here are 5 Signs Your Water Heater Needs to Be Replaced

  • Old Age: Most conventional tank-style water heaters can last from 8 to 12 years, while tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years. If your water heater has exceeded its life cycle, it’s best to install a new unit to save money on energy bills, prevent water damage, and the risks that come with an old water heater.
  • Constant Repairs: Your water heater should not be repaired more than twice a year. If you’re constantly calling a nearby plumber to help you fix your water heater, it’s best to have it replaced to save money in the long run.
  • Signs of Corrosion: Even though water heaters are equipped with an anode rod that attracts corrosive elements in the water, a corrosive problem can start developing as the water heater ages. You'll know your water heater has a corrosive problem if your hot water has a reddish-brown discoloration or the water tastes metallic.
  • Strange Sounds: Humming, rumbling, and knocking sounds coming from your water heater could point to faulty components within the heater or sediment buildup in the hot water tank.
  • Water Leaks from The Tank: A leaking water heater can lead to water damage in your property and mold growth. If you notice water pooling at the bottom of the tank, it may be time to call water heater installers in Encinitas to replace your water heater.

When it’s time to replace your water heater, you can trust our plumbers at Rooter Hero Plumbing to help you choose the right water heater for your needs. Whether you are looking to replace an electric water heater, a gas water heater, or a tankless water heater, our plumbers have the knowledge and tools to get the job done.

Get in Touch with Rooter Hero Plumbing to Schedule Water Heater Repair in Your Encinitas, CA Home or Business

Your water heater is an essential appliance in your household, meaning it has to be in its top shape at all times. If your water heater starts to act up, call Rooter Hero Plumbing to fix the unit and restore it to its perfect working order. Whether you’re in need of water heater repair, hot water heater tank installation, or water heater installation in Encinitas, our plumbers at Rooter Hero Plumbing have what it takes to provide you with dependable and affordable services.  

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