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Affordable Water Heater Repair in Walnut Creek, CA

Water heaters are so reliable that they are too often taken for granted. It is only when the water heater stops working that many property owners even think about their water heater. If you want your water heater installation in Walnut Creek to last its full life expectancy with as few problems as possible, then routine maintenance is crucial. Timely water heater repair is the next best thing. Call Rooter Hero Plumbing to schedule your water heater maintenance or water heater repair in Walnut Creek today. We also offer water heater replacement and installation services. Our friendly representatives are on standby to take your call.

Water Heater Repair in Walnut Creek, CA

Faulty Parts Can Bring Down the Whole Machine

Though the average water heater can last anywhere between eight and twelve years, the individual components have varying life expectancies. For instance, the anode rod which is responsible for preventing rusting and corrosion in the hot water heater tank installation, should be replaced every three to five years.

Failing to replace the anode rod, or any other vital component, on time will lead to a host of problems that can force your hand. If you want to avoid a premature water heater replacement in Walnut Creek, then schedule routine maintenance and timely repairs.

What Type of Water Heater Do You Have?

When you call for water heater repair, the representative is likely going to begin by asking what type of water heater you have. There are many types of water heaters, but the most popular are the tank-style water heaters and the tankless water heaters. Both are usually electric-powered or gas-powered.

Unfortunately, some plumbers specialize in certain types of water heaters. If you do not know what type of water heater you have, then you might end up paying a dispatch fee only to learn that the plumber cannot work on your water heater type. The good news is that the qualified plumbers at Rooter Hero Plumbing can work on both tankless and tank-style water heaters.

It does not matter whether you have an electric-powered tankless water heater or a gas-powered tank-style water heater. The experienced plumbers at Rooter Hero Plumbing can work on all types of water heaters. Call now to consult with a representative today.

Is It Time for a Water Heater Replacement?

How long do you expect that water heater to pump out hot water for your building? The average water heater can give you roughly ten years of service, but well-maintained water heaters can give you more while neglected ones can expire prematurely.

If your water heater is over 10 years old and/or frequently breaking down, then it might be time to replace it. The cost of constant repairs and energy inefficiency can add up quick. A water heater replacement can save you money in the long-run and allow you to take advantage of modern features. Call Rooter Hero Plumbing now to explore your options. We are happy to help you pick the right water heater and take care of the installation. Don’t forget to explore our website for available coupons and promotional offers!

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