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The Worst Things For Your Garbage Disposal

December 06 / 2019

When it comes to your garbage disposal, there are some things that can go down it and some things that can do a lot of damage. When it comes to the latter, many people are unaware of the damage they are doing. In an effort to combat clogged drains everywhere and spread a little knowledge we have formed a list of the worst things for your garbage disposal.  

#1 Fats, Oils, & Grease (FOGs)

This has been a hot topic for us lately, due to all the extra holiday entertainment. Fat is flavor, and when you are using it in your cooking it can end up down the drains. The reason why FOGs are so so bad for your drains, is that they coat the inside of your pipes. As time goes on, various debris like food scraps and hair can get trapped in the grease. This buildup can eventually cause a clog and obstruct the flow of water.    In addition to clogging your own pipes, FOGs that reach the city sewer system where they can mix with other people's FOGs. This can form a large mass the terrorizes the entire neighborhood.  As a rule of thumb, don’t allow fats, oils, and grease to go down the drain. Dispose of fats, oils, and grease in the trash can. Make sure they are cooled to a safe temperature before handling. Large quantities may be able to be recycled. Check with your local recycling center to learn more.  

#2 Coffee Grounds

Like FOGs, coffee grounds are one of the worst things for your garbage disposal for a lot of the same reasons. Coffee grounds can stick to the inside of pipes, collecting other debris forming a sludge. This sludge can eventually cause your drains to clog and smell like old coffee. Coffee grounds should never go down the drain, they should either be disposed of in the trash or recycled. You can use old coffee grounds in your compost pile, some people even use them to make exfoliating coffee scrubs.

worst things for your garbage disposal

#3 Egg Shells

Egg shells are another one of the worst things for your garbage disposal. They seem delicate, however they too can stick to the inside of your pipes and eventually cause a clog. Egg shells are also another item that are actually supposed to be good for your garden. So after breakfast, put your leftover egg shells with your coffee grounds and nourish your garden instead of putting them down the drain.worst things for your drains  

#4 Pasta and Leftover Batter

Pasta and leftover batter are bad for your drains. Pasta can expand as it soaks in water, believe us when we say, you don’t want anything in your pipes that expands. Batter on the other hand can coat the inside of your pipes like the above mentioned items and collect other debris. Both create the perfect recipe for a messy clog.  [caption id="attachment_4070" align="aligncenter" width="300"] worst things for your garbage disposal[/caption]  

#5 Fibrous Peels

The sink is an easy place for peels to end up. You rinse your veggies and peel them right there, it's only natural to want to rinse the peels down the drain. However, things like potato peels can cause your drains to clog, as the starch from the peel can form a glue like substance in your drains. Throw in some coffee grounds and eggshells and you've got a really nasty clog! So, when peeling your potatoes make sure the peels in up in the trash can, and not your garbage disposal.  worst things for your garbage disposal   Many clogged drains can be prevented by watching what goes down the garbage disposal. Aside from causing clogs, many of the above mentioned items can stick to your garbage disposal and make it work harder. This can lead to frequent breakdowns. As a good rule of thumb, always watch what goes down the garbage disposal. To learn more contact Rooter Hero today!    Related Articles 3 Tips for Keeping Your Basement Dry and Leak-Free Eco-Friendly Ways to Unclog Drains Why Is My Water Pressure So Low?