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Jul 01 2019

10 Stupid Things that Ruin Plumbing Pipes In Your Home

People always need plumbing, plumbing that actually works. But, most of the times they end up in doing stupid crazy things with their plumbing system that could affect its performance and output. So, here we’ve compiled a few things that people often do, which results in a plumbing emergency.

Stupid Things People Do to Their Plumbing

Forgetting to Unhook Hose During the Winter

Leaving your garden hose attached to the pipe all winter can get you into trouble. Yes, it can cause freezing of the outdoor faucet which in turn results in broken pipes. It can also cause severe damages to your hose too.

Improper Use of Vent Pipes

Did you know vent pipes not only provide air to drains inside the house, to prevent a suction effect that inhibits drainage; they also get rid of sewer gases that come up from the city’s sewer main? But, there are reports in which homeowners are running things like TV cables down the plumbing vent pipes that come up through their roofs.

Using Too Much Drain Cleaner

Drain cleaners are effective and safe for drains when used in the right amount. But, when used in abundance, they can corrode the drain material which can make clogs worse.

Pouring ‘Anything’ into a Septic System

Today, most people don’t know how to take proper care of their septic system. From drain cleaners and pain to ant-bacterial soaps, they throw anything into the septic system without thinking of its ill-effects.

Screwing or Nailing into a Wall with Hidden Plumbing Pipes

When you are screwing, nailing, or cutting into a wall with hidden plumbing pipes, you might hear a fine spray of water hitting the back of the drywall, or you are in for a gusher.

Connecting Two Dissimilar Metals in Piping

Joining two dissimilar metals can result in corrosion and leaks. So, make sure to do these joints with a dielectric union or other approved fitting.

Pouring Grease in the Kitchen Drain

Did you know grease is one of the best things for clogging drains? So, if you are in the habit of pouring grease down the kitchen drain, you must stop it.

Throwing Kitchen Wastes Down the Drain

Putting kitchen wastes, including flour, rice, potato peels, and other vegetable peels can block your drains and cause leakage.

Unplugging Drain Pipe

In an effort to go green, some people remove the P-trap and other drain parts underneath their bathroom sink so the wastewater could be collected in a bucket and used to water plants outdoors. But, it could cause some sewer gas problems.

The Toilet as Trash Can

Did you know the toilet leads to a 3-inch drain pipe that leads into another drain pipe which is the drain pipe to your entire house? So, flushing one unusual item into the toilet can block your whole plumbing system. Have you ever done any of the above stupid things that cause damages to your plumbing system? Contact us now to hire a licensed plumber who can take care of all your plumbing needs.

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