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3 Ways Water Conservation Mandates will Change Californians Outlook on Water Usage
October 17 / 2015

3 Ways Water Conservation Mandates will Change Californians Outlook on Water Usage

For the first time in history, California is making water conservation mandatory for its residents. When Governor Jerry Brown signed the Executive Order requiring a 25% reduction in urban water usage, he made Californians think twice about how they use water in their homes and businesses. Although a 25% reduction may not seem like a huge number, if everyone complies it could have a significant impact on the drought and will change the California landscape as we know it. Drought isn’t new to Californians and many residents and businesses already take measures to conserve water. However, not everyone takes the water shortage as seriously. If you’re one of those Californians watering your lawn every day and filling the backyard pool with fresh water every month, you’re in for quite a surprise. Here are 3 ways water conservation mandates will affect Californians in the near future.

Your Water Bill May Go Up

In an effort to make people comply with the Executive Order, municipalities may be allowed to adjust their rate structure to make it more expensive to use water. Therefore, if you live in an urban area that raises rates, it’s in your best interest to limit the amount of water you use on a daily basis to avoid exorbitant water bills.

You May Get Fined

As of September 2015, the city of Calabasas has been issuing $100 citations to property owners not complying with municipal water mandates. Not surprising, many of the people not obeying the mandates are celebrities that don’t bat an eye at a $100 fine. However, most people living in urban centers throughout California are not filthy rich, and municipalities know this. Therefore, the $100 fine is a good incentive to let your yard turn brown.

New Appliances Will Temporarily Be Cheaper

Have you been putting off getting a new washing machine or dishwasher? Are you still messing with that 20-year-old water heater that needs repairs every few months? If your budget was stopping you from making new appliance purchases, Governor Brown’s Executive Order might have you heading to the appliance store sooner rather than later. The language of the Executive Order allows the California Energy Commission to work with state water agencies to offer limited time state-issued rebates to residents who purchase high-efficiency appliances. In layman’s terms, California is going to pay you to upgrade the appliances in your home. At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we believe it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure California doesn’t lose the battle against drought. For more information and water conservation tips for your home or business, give us a call. We offer free water conservation evaluations with no-obligation to buy any service or appliance. Give us a call today!