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Oct 05 2015

4 Creative PVC Pipe Projects

PVC piping material isn’t just for bathroom, kitchen, and other residential plumbing. This common, inexpensive construction material is available at any local home improvement store and is used for many home and garden DIY projects. Here are a few PVC pipe projects you may want to check out.

Hair Dryer and Flat Iron Storage

Hair styling tools tend to clutter a bathroom vanity fairly quickly. A PVC pipe connector is ideal for storing hair dryers and flat irons safely and securely. The connector can be painted to match your bathroom’s existing décor, and the entire project can cost less than a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks.

Vertical Strawberry Tower

Do you enjoy fresh strawberries but lack the space to grow them the traditional way in your backyard? Whether you live in a home on a small lot or in an apartment with a tiny patio or terrace, PVC piping can provide you with an easy and fun solution. Not only does a PVC vertical tower provide the space needed to grow strawberries, but it also keeps the berries off the ground where insects, squirrels, and creatures can take a bite or two.

Beach Towel PVC Drying Rack

Backyard pools are a common feature in Arizona, California, and Texas to beat the heat. But, what do you do with those beach towels when the kids are done swimming? More likely than not the wet towels end up in a heap on the laundry room floor if they even make it that far. Why not head over to the home improvement store and pick up a selection of PVC pipe to make an outdoor towel drying rack.

DIY Soccer Goal

Do you have a budding soccer star in your family? Instead of spending $50 or more on a backyard soccer goal, you can build your own using PVC piping and netting material. Using a combination of ¾ wide PVC piping, 90-degree pieces, and PVC tees, it’s possible to build an inexpensive version for under $15 in less than an hour.

PVC for Residential Plumbing

Of course, PVC piping is also a great option for repairing and installing new kitchen and bathroom plumbing in homes. It’s a construction material that is found most commonly in homes built from the 1950s to present day. PVC is sturdy and long-lasting, but it isn’t suitable for all plumbing needs. For example, hot water supply lines should never be installed using PVC piping. The best material for these lines is copper or PEX piping. To learn more about PVC piping and how you can integrate it into your home’s plumbing system, give Rooter Hero Plumbing a call today. Have you used PVC piping for DIY home décor projects? Upload your pictures to our social media sites and show off your creativity.

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