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Jan 09 2020

5 Tell Tale Signs Your Drains Need To Be Cleaned

Plumbing problems catch people off guard everyday. This is because they weren’t paying attention to the warning signs. Most plumbing problems exhibit warning signs before they become serious. However, most people don’t know what to look for. In the instance of a clogged drain, there are certain signs you should become familiar with. Being able to recognize the warning signs of a clogged drain, before disaster strikes can help you get ahead of repairs. This saves money on unnecessary damage and waste, plus you don’t have to halt your day to deal with a plumbing emergency. Here are 5 tell tale signs your drains need to be cleaned 

Strange Sounds

Your drains may need to be cleaned if you notice strange sounds coming from your drains. Gurgling, rumpling, and banging are not normal sounds for your drains to make. These sounds are usually the result of an obstruction blocking the way. As a result the water traveling down the drain is looking for a place to go. This can cause unnecessary pressure on your drain pipes and lead to leaks, a double whammy. If you notice strange sounds coming from your drains, call your plumber right away. The longer you let a clog fester, the worse it will become.  

Slow Drainage

Slow drainage is one of the most obvious signs your drain need to be cleaned. If you notice that your sink fills up with water when the tap is no longer open, or your tub won't drain as quickly as it used to, then there is probably an obstruction. Sometimes it is a simple fix, like pulling the hair out of the drain, other times the problem is further down the line. The best way to take care of slow drainage is to have your drains cleaned on a regular basis. This takes care of the grime that builds up over time and removes any obstructions preventing proper drainage.  

Stinky Drains

Bad odors coming from your drains isn’t normal and could be a sign your drains need to be cleaned. If you have already ruled out a dried trap, the next possible culprit is a clogged drain. Bad odors are caused by bacteria, if there is a clog in your pipes, it is collecting bacteria and this can result in stinky drains. Professional drain cleaning will alleviate the clog and the bacteria, leaving your strains smelling clean and fresh.   

Drains Backing Up

Your plumbing system contains an intricate network of pipes and drains. If one drain is clogged it can cause water to back up into another drain. The water has to find a place to go, and as pressure builds up it can force it out of another drain in your home. If this is happening, you need to get to the root of the problem. A plumbing inspection and professional drain cleaning is your best bet.  


When a drain pipes gets clogged, the water will have to find a way out. If it isn’t forcing back up the drain, the intense pressure that builds up inside of your pipes can cause a leak or a pipes to burst. When this happens you will notice flooding. Drain pipes run under your floors, in your walls, and underground. If a leak has occurred the water will work its way up. You may notice unexplained puddles of water on your floor or around the yard. If the leak is behind the wall, you may notice water damage. Another sign to look out for is mold and mildew, which has an earthy smell. A sewage leak is a serious problem that should not be ignored.  Are your drains in need of a cleaning? Contact Rooter Hero today to schedule an appointment. 

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