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Feb 29 2020

5 Things People Do That Ruin Plumbing

A plumbing problem like a flooded toilet or or leaking pipe is enough to completely alter your day. Unfortunately many plumbing problems are self inflicted. Lack of knowledge about how your habits affect your plumbing contribute to many unnecessary plumbing problems. While some plumbing problems are out of our control, many are preventable. Here are 5 things people do that ruin plumbing.

#1 DIY Repairs

Some things are perfectly fine to DIY, like plunging a clogged toilet, however major plumbing overhauls are better off left to the professionals. Some plumbing repairs are pretty straightforward, however others require more expertise, like when dealing with various building materials and exposure to potential hazards. For example, a lot of older plumbing that predates the 1970’s may be surrounded by asbestos, in which case a professional who has been trained to handle asbestos should handle repairs. In addition some repairs may require soldering or other specialized skills that a professional has been trained to perform. Attempting to make these types of repairs yourself can result in further damage and poor quality repairs. This can make the problem worse and ruin plumbing, leading to more damage, and more expensive repairs. 

#2 Not Having The Right Tools

Not having the right tools plays into letting the professionals handle the job. Most people don’t have the array of tools a professional plumber has at their disposal. This forces them to either go out and shell out the cash for tools they won’t use that often, or cut corners when making repairs. The latter can have severe consequences and ruin plumbing. Not making repairs correctly or putting off repairs can allow the problem to fester, which can create an even bigger problem than you started with. In addition, if you have the tools, but don’t know how to use them, this is another problem. Professionals have been trained on how to use the tools of their trade, and so they are less likely to make a mistake.

#3 Not Knowing Where Your Pipes Are

Even if you aren’t trying to make plumbing repairs yourself, you can still do damage while making other household repairs. This is especially true if you don’t know where your pipes are before trying to make repairs. Even the nails you hammer into the wall to hang up a picture can cause plumbing damage. If you are unaware of where your pipes are, you could accidentally puncture a pipe, causing a leak. Which you may be unaware of, until it is too late. Your best bet is to invest in a stud finder. This way you can be sure you aren’t about to hammer into or accidentally puncture one of your plumbing pipes.

#4 Not Watching What Goes Down The Drain

This sounds simple, but you would be surprised how often plumbing damage is caused by the mistreatment of drains. The only things that should ever go down the drain or be flushed down the toilet are waste water and toilet paper. That is it. Some of the worst offenders for clogs include: grease, bones, starchy food that expands, coffee grounds, egg shells, paper, wipes, dental floss, hair, cotton swabs, and feminine hygiene products. These items have a habit of getting stuck in your pipes, this can obstruct the flow of water leading to severe clogs. In addition, disposing of harmful chemicals down the drain can also cause damage, some can even eat right through your pipes. So, always watch what goes down the drain and make sure you communicate with your friends and family members about what can and cannot go down the drain.

#5 Putting Off Repairs

Nobody likes to spend money on plumbing repairs, but in all honesty putting off repairs can make matters worse and end up costing more in the long run. For example, if you have sluggish drainage, and you keep ignoring it, the clog can get worse and cause excess pressure to build up inside of your pipes. This can cause a pipe to burst. Leading to more mess and more costly repairs. Do yourself, your plumbing, and your wallet a favor and be diligent about plumbing repairs.  When facing a plumbing problem you are much better off hiring a professional. Staying up to date on your plumbing maintenance like regular drain cleaning and water heater maintenance can help ward off plumbing emergencies. To learn more or to schedule service contact Rooter Hero today!  

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