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AC Compressors and Condensers Services in Phoenix
October 08 / 2019

AC Compressors and Condensers Services in Phoenix

AC compressors and condensers are a very important but delicate component in your unit. It is important to take of care of them by scheduling them for regular check-ups and maintenance. Rooter Hero provides the best services for your compressor check-up, maintenance, and repair. If you need any of our services concerning AC compressors and condensers in Phoenix, do contact us and we will give you the solution you need.

AC Compressors

AC compressor can be termed as the “heart” of the AC system unit. This is because just as your heart pumps blood across the body in the same way the AC compressor pumps a special fluid called refrigerant, which absorbs heat (from the air) throughout your AC system.  Failure to work properly means your AC system will not cool your house when you need it to. Rooter Hero provides AC systems maintenance services to ensure that every aspect of the unit is functioning well. Contact us if you suspect that your compressor has a problem.

How Can the Compressor Get Damaged?

When maintained well, AC compressors can last longer (about 15 years) without getting damaged.  But to do so your AC has to undergo regular maintenance and routine check-ups to prevent it from issues like:

  • Electrical problems coming from a lack of balance in voltage power
  • Overheating due to lack of or inefficient condenser cooling or an increase in pressure over time
  • Lack or poor lubrication due to oil leakage or failure of the oil pump

As experts in the industry, Rooter Hero offers the best compressor repair services. Get in touch with us if your compressor needs to be repaired.

When is the Best Time to Replace My Compressor?

Regular scheduling and maintenance for your HVAC unit are important. This prevents costly replacement that may happen eventually. You can avoid replacement by scheduling your AC system maintenance with Rooter Hero. This will prevent any major problem that may arise because our experts can easily detect any problem and solve it at an early stage. However, when the condenser has to be replaced, we advise on the best options in the market.

AC Condensers

AC condenser coil needs routine check-up and maintenance to keep running smoothly. If the coil in the condenser is clean, it allows your AC system to work effectively and efficiently as it cools. It should be checked for any leakage. At Rooter Hero, we offer condenser maintenance services that involve cleaning to get rid of any debris, dust and other objects that have stuck inside and outside the AC unit. Having any questions or concerns regarding your AC compressors and condensers in Phoenix? Give us a Call and we will solve your AC problem!