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Oct 10 2019

Air Quality Check-Up and Energy Efficiency Program Solutions

Quality of air in the home is a big concern for most homeowners residing in the Phoenix Metro area. Rooter Hero offers exceptional indoor air quality solutions. Our HVAC technicians are not only qualified but experienced in carrying out air quality check-up and energy efficiency evaluation of your entire HVAC system. No matter what your particular indoor air quality problem might be we have the solution.

Why opt for Air Quality Check-Up?

Is your air conditioner or heater consuming too much energy? If your AC system unit or heater is incurring costs for you, then there must be something wrong that needs to be fixed. Rooter Hero operates in Phoenix, Arizona and offers top-notch maintenance solutions to homeowners and businesses in the city and its surrounding areas. We can help you update and improve the efficiency of your AC system unit. To ensure comfort at your home or business without spending too much on energy costs, you need to get your system into shape. At Rooter Hero we offer air quality check-up and energy efficiency programs in Phoenix so that you can continue enjoying the comfort of your home at a lower cost.

Here are a few Quick Energy Facts:

  • If you have a heater and an AC system unit installed at your home, heating, and cooling alone accounts for about 50% of your energy bill at home.
  • By switching to a better air conditioner system or heating unit, you will be surprised to save approximately 7% to 23% of your bill on a monthly basis, depending on the size and efficiency of the unit you choose.
  • A smart way to save more on energy consumption is by investing in an effective and efficient air conditioner system
  • Approximately one-seventh of the electricity produced in the US is used for maintaining and running air-conditioned houses and buildings.

One of the areas we help our clients is by guiding them in making the right choice when choosing air conditioners (and heating units too) that are energy-friendly. We guide you through the various options, giving you the pros and cons of each. Read the following statements and find out whether any applies to you:

  • You incur excessive utility bills monthly and more so during summer
  • You have an air conditioner unit which cools slowly and unevenly
  • You don’t maintain the AC system on a regular basis
  • You have a dusty home
  • Your heater is very noisy

If you have answered yes to any one of the statements above then you need to call Rooter Hero so that we can send an expert to test your AC and heater. We have advanced equipment that enables us to provide high-quality energy solutions and air quality check-up routine. We diagnose AC or heating system in your home leakage of duct, smooth airflow, temperature, pressure, refrigerant levels and air quality check-up in Phoenix. We ensure that you get a smoothly functioning AC system unit that provides you with the following:

  • A comfortable and relaxing home air quality
  • Save you on energy costs
  • Save you frequent repairs due to long-lasting solutions
  • Is environment-friendly

If you need an energy evaluation then get in touch with us. We have made it easy for clients to access our services for the benefit of their AC and heater system units. We provide quality installation and maintenance both on new and existing AC systems and/or heating systems and ductwork. We guarantee you of your home comfort, air quality, and minimal energy costs if you consider getting your system back into the best form possible. Contact us today!  

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