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Oct 14 2019

All about Sewer Line Repair and Maintenance

Drains and sewer lines play a significant role in your home’s plumbing system. A sewer line that has not been installed right or adequately maintained can mean major problems in the future. Moreover, a clogged sewer line can result in backup and significant damage to your home. A few signs that indicate you need a sewer line repair done by professional plumbers in Phoenix AZ are,

  • Soggy yard
  • Sewage odors
  • Noisy pipes
  • Slow drains
  • Increasing water bills and more

If you notice any of the above symptoms in your home, you must call a Phoenix plumbing company, for plumbing repairs and replacement.

Causes for Sewer Line Backups

If you are living in a home bought before the 70s, sewer line blockage or clog is usually caused by the older technology as the materials used in the plumbing system including clay, cast iron, concrete, and more, are prone to erosion over the years. The blockage is also caused by the tree roots entering into the sewer pipeline and presses down the pipes to collapse. Tree root invasion in your sewer pipeline causes your pipe material to degrade, leakage, and weaken.

How a Plumbing Professional Can Help?

When you hire a plumbing professional to take care of your sewer line repair or maintenance needs, go above and beyond to ensure the job is done correctly. They have the tools, experience, and abilities to complete any job quickly and efficiently. If your sewer line or drains get clogged during the unexpected times, don’t fret. They will offer around-the-clock, emergency service seven days a week, so you can count on the job getting done on your schedule.

Sewer Camera Inspection

The plumbers will have high definition cameras that can travel the length of your sewer line to see what might be lurking within. It can be used to determine the type of blockage in your sewer line. Once the blockage is determined, they will suggest your affordable options to fix the situation. Compared to the traditional method, this is less labor-intensive and avoids any disruption or damage to your landscape.The problems that are identified using sewer camera inspection are,

  • Root intrusion
  • Cracks
  • Punctures
  • Corrosion or
  • Misaligned pipe sections
  • Grease buildup
  • Leaks
  • Obstructions and more


Once the sewer blockage is identified, the professionals will use the hydro-jetting technology to remove blockages in the sewer pipe. This method uses high-pressure water to wash away the dirt and debris and stop clogs from forming. If you are looking for a professional sewer repair and other plumbing service in Phoenix, look no further than Rooter Hero Plumbing. We provide prompt and reliable service and we are the experts in trenchless sewer repair. Call us to fix all your plumbing repairs.  

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