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Sep 12 2022

All You Need to Know About Parts of a Toilet

The toilet: You use it, hopefully, every day but rarely think about it. It is the cornerstone of modern hygiene and works seamlessly in most cases. However, things can go awry, and a leaking or faulty toilet can be hard to ignore. In this brief article brought to you by Rooter Hero Plumbing, we will go over some of the main parts of the toilet. Understanding these components will help you troubleshoot issues and resolve many problems on your own. If you ever need an experienced plumber, you can call Rooter Hero Plumbing. We are ready to schedule an appointment or arrange an urgent clogged toilet repair today.

The Toilet Tank

We are going to breakdown the toilet into two main sections: the toilet tank and the toilet bowl. Let’s start with the tank which holds the reservoir of water to be flushed into the toilet bowl. It is also where many vital components are found:

  • Handle: This is what you press or pull to activate the flushing of the toilet.
  • Chain: This connects the flush handle to the flapper.
  • Flapper: This rubber flap seals the opening at the bottom of the toilet tank. When the handle is pulled/pressed, the chain lifts the flapper, allowing water to flush into the toilet bowl.
  • Float: A small, often plastic, ball that rises and falls with the water level in the tank. When the water level drops, the float allows water to flow through the refill tube and into the toilet tank. When the water level rises to a certain level, the float shuts off the water flow into the tank.

There are other minor components, and some types of toilets use different mechanisms, but the ones mentioned here are the most common parts in traditional toilets.

The Toilet Bowl

The toilet bowl only has a few parts and is the portion of the toilet you sit on. It holds some water as well as the waste produced. This region is usually made of ceramic, specifically porcelain. The other parts of the toilet bowl include:

  • Toilet Seat: This is worth mentioning and also self-explanatory.
  • Bowl: This is where water enters from the toilet tank. Usually, a couple of gallons of water stays in the bowl.
  • Siphon: The tube that carries the waste and wastewater from the bowl to the drain.
  • P-Trap or S-Trap: These regions within the siphon curve downward then upward again to hold a small amount of water. This prevents gases from rising from the drains and into the bathroom.
  • Flange: This is a ring that attaches the toilet to the plumbing pipe
  • Wax Ring: The wax ring forms a seal between the toilet and the flange.

Again, there are negligible parts such as the bolts, but these are the primary components.

Need a Plumber?

Is your toilet giving you problems? If you would like to hire an experienced plumber, then call Rooter Hero Plumbing today. We are happy to schedule a convenient appointment or arrange an urgent toilet repair today.

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