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Jul 10 2023

Are Water Main Leaks Covered by Insurance?

A water leak is a common nightmare for any property owner, which is why property insurance is so valuable. But are all water leaks and water damage covered by insurance? Though your insurance can lighten the burden of unexpected damages and repairs, they might not offer FULL relief. It’s always important to prevent water leaks and handle water leak repair as soon as possible! Periodic leak detection and maintenance can help you avoid water damage altogether.

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Understanding Your Property Insurance Policy

Most property insurance companies are private businesses that work for profit. This means, it is in their interest to reduce costs and maximize income. To this end, they meticulously write rules and requirements, exclusions and limitations, and other qualifications in the property insurance policy.

Don’t expect the insurance company to put your best interest over their own. Read your policy and understand the rules and restrictions. Pay attention to the policy coverage as well as the deductibles, which are the amount you must pay out of pocket before the insurance coverage kicks in.

Also take note of things expected from you, the policy holder. Insurance policies generally require policyholders to maintain their property properly and take reasonable precautions to prevent damage.

What You Should do During a Water Main Leak

Most insurance policies require the policyholder to promptly notify the insurance company of any damages or incidents. If you have experienced water damage or notice a water main leak, then contact your insurance provider as soon as possible. Meanwhile, close the water main shutoff valve to cut the water. Of course, only do this if safe to do so! Call the local authorities or plumbers if there are safety and health hazards.

Preventing and Detecting Water Leaks

Experiencing water damage is frustrating enough without the added stress of dealing with the insurance company. If you want to avoid interruptions and unexpected repairs, then invest in preventative measures.

Schedule a leak detection or comprehensive plumbing inspection once every couple of years to identify leaks as well as vulnerabilities like corroded or misaligned pipes. An experienced plumber can monitor the water pressure and other factors that can affect the effectiveness, efficiency, and longevity of your water line.

Preventative measures like insulating pipes, installing water filtration systems, and maintaining trees and root are even more valuable, reducing the risk of water leaks and water damage in the first place.

Handle Repairs As Soon As Possible

Whether the insurance will cover it or not, it’s important to handle water leak repair and water damage cleanup as soon as possible! Water can quickly seep through the building and cause extensive water damage. Cut off the water supply and get started on the water cleanup and repair before the damage spreads wide and deep.

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