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Oct 07 2019

Buying an Old Home? Look Out for These Plumbing Issues

Homebuyers prefer old home these days as they are less expensive and have more character. If you’ve bought an old home for its original price or many eccentricities, you have to invest additional money and time to get it back to its original glamor. You don’t have to change the structural characteristics of the old home built in the seventies and eighties as they are built to last long in terms of structure and foundation. But, when it comes to the plumbing system in the old homes, you have to get it checked by San Gabriel plumbers for any leaks and damage. So, here is a list of plumbing issues that you must concentrate on before moving into your newly-bought decades-old old homes.

Plumbing Issues That Must Be Inspected by the San Gabriel Valley Plumbers

Outdated Fixtures

Old fixtures, faucets, and supply line connections are common in old homes and needs to be replaced as they are nearing the end of their lifespan. The wear and tear of these fixtures can restrict the water flow in the pipes, broken knobs, leaks, and more. If you do not fix it now, it would break at the worst possible time and cause you more trouble.

Roots in the Sewer Lines

As sewer line is buried and out of sight, we didn’t think about it until it fails. Since sewer lines in old homes are built before modern appliances, and the heavy usage makes them more susceptible to damages. In addition to this, roots from the nearby trees grow towards the water, causing breakage in the sewer lines. As a result, sewage gets backed up into your home, causing structural damage to your home and other safety hazards.

Pipe Lines

Based on the time when your house was built, the pipelines in the home were made using the materials that are not used in modern plumbing. Old homes have pipe systems that are made from lead or polybutylene pipes which are dangerous and prone to damages. Replacing the whole piping system is time-consuming and an expensive adventure. So, call a professional from the leading plumbing company in San Gabriel Valley to evaluate and fix the issue. If the old house you have just bought has lead pipes, you must immediately replace them as they are more dangerous.

Old Appliances

Replace old appliances with the new ones as they have become inefficient with usage and leads to high utility cost. For example, consider changing the water heater if it is more than years old and is serviced in a while. If you are buying an old home and need to install new pipes and appliances, call our professionals for assistance. We specialize in water heater installation, sewer repairs, water leak detection and more plumbing services in San Gabriel Valley. Visit us for more information.

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