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Aug 13 2022

Common Mistakes That May Cause Water Line Damage

What’s worse than breaking something when you meant to try and fix it? Embarrassing – and costly! When it comes to plumbing repair, and especially water line work, the possibilities for mistakes are endless. Your friends at Rooter Hero Plumbing have put together a list of the common mistakes that can do more harm than good. We will try to clear up any misunderstanding and offer some suggestions of our own. If you ever want to leave the plumbing repair service to the experienced plumbers, then call Rooter Hero Plumbing. Our live representatives are always happy to take your call and schedule an appointment or arrange an emergency repair today.

Water Pressure Too High!

The feeling of high-pressure water blasting at your hands can make it feel like you’re getting cleaner than ever, but high pressure is terrible for the water line. Remember, pipes are made of physical materials. The force of the incoming water can cause corrosion, leaks, and even ruptures. Water pressure should be set between 40 and 75 psi, depending on the number of floors, whether it is a commercial property, and so forth. A trained plumber can set your water pressure to the optimal level.

What’s in Your Water?

Water travels a long way to get to your cup. From mountaintops or springs through the rocks, canals, and plumbing pipes. That water picks up a lot along the way. If you do not have a water filtration system for your home, then you are putting your plumbing pipes and your appliances at risk of clogging and corrosion. A water filtration system can help keep the water line clear of mineral and sediment buildup. Plus, why not just have your water filtered as it comes out of the faucets and showerhead? Ignoring this investment is what cost many of our customers a lot of plumbing repair later in the future!

Exposed Pipes

When temperatures drop below freezing, you like to keep warm – and so does your water line! Insulate exposed pipes can keep water hotter for longer and protect the pipes from the external temperatures. That’s two points for insulating your water line! Call Rooter Hero Plumbing if you need a plumber to get them snug and protected.

The Water Heater’s Thermostat

Cranking up the water heater’s thermostat to anything over 130 is usually counterproductive and harmful for the water heater. Plus, that is very, very hot water! Setting the thermostat to 120 offers hot water without the threat of burning. It also saves on energy bills – that’s an investment for the future!

Not Flushing the Water Heater Tank

Are you forgetting to drain the water heater tank at least once a year? What if there’s scaling in the tank? Well, you might hear some strange noises and get inconsistent water temperatures. Scaling can overwork your water heater and overheat the tank. Flushing the water heater tank ejects any sediment or minerals in the tank, preventing buildup or even scaling. Oh, and don’t forget to test the temperature and pressure relief valve, and check on the anode rods.

Better yet. Why don’t you call Rooter Hero Plumbing so that we can get your plumbing system in its best possible shape? We offer plumbing installations as well as plumbing repair services. Our live representatives are ready to take your call and schedule an appointment today.

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