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Sep 08 2019

Detecting Problems With A Sewer Camera Inspection

Plumbing technology has come a long way over the years. Gone are the days of guess work, now you can see what is going on with your plumbing in real time with a sewer camera inspection. There are a lot of benefits to sewer camera inspection. A sewer camera inspection is a noninvasive way for plumbers to diagnose a plumbing problem. It also more accurate and effective, and enables plumbers to see what it going on without having to tear open the ground.   

Identifying Problems With A Sewer Camera Inspection

There are a variety of problems a sewer camera inspection can help with. Sewer problems can lead to expensive, messy repairs. Fortunately sewer camera inspections can help alleviate some of the mess and cost. Here are some problems that can be detected: 

  • Invading Tree Roots - Tree roots naturally grow towards water, and pipes sweat underground, making them a beacon for roots. Invading tree roots is a common problem, especially in older neighborhoods with developed landscaping. When tree roots invade, it can cause a major obstruction. Sewer camera inspection helps plumbers get to the root of the problem (pun intended).
  • Cracked Sewer Pipe - A cracked sewer pipe is another common problem. Underground pipes can be susceptible to cracking for a variety of reasons. The pipes could simply be old and worn out. A cracked pipe can also be the result of shifting ground, either from heavy rainfall creating an unstable environment, or an earthquake. A cracked pipe can cause all kinds or plumbing problems, so proper diagnosis is a must. 
  • A Monster Clog - It is always important to watch what goes down the drain, however, sometimes things accidentally end up down the drain that don’t belong. Things like paper products other than toilet paper, food particles, hair, and grease are among the top offenders. Grease is particularly bad because it coagulates and collects other debris, growing until it forms a super clog. Some of these clogs are so bad that they have been given the name “Fatbergs” which are giant masses of grease, fats, and other non-biodegradable debris that form obstructions inside of sewer systems. Identifying a blockage and treating it right away is the best way to prevent further damage and get your drainage system back in good shape.
  • Bellied Sewer Lines - Bellied sewer lines occur when a portion of the sewer line sinks or sags. This can cause issues with drainage. A bellied sewer line can occur because of soil erosion, ground settlement, earthquake, or because the ground was not properly compacted during construction. 

Options For Repairs

A sewer camera inspection and proper diagnosis is only part of the treatment, the next step is to decide which repair option is the best. The type of repair that is available to you will depend on the types of issue you have. Traditional sewer repair involves digging trenches and repairing the portion of pipe that is causing the issue. If your pipe is sagging or bellied, this is your only option to properly fix the issue. Traditional sewer repair can be messy and cause damage to surrounding walkways and landscaping, which is why for other sewer problems like a broken or cracked pipe, many homeowners are now choosing trenchless methods. Trenchless pipe repair involves creating an access point, where new pipelining is inserted to coat and repair the existing pipes. This method is much less invasive and messy, which makes it a good option for many homeowners.    Suffering from a sewer line issue? Schedule your sewer camera inspection today! Contact Rooter Hero to learn more.

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