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Jul 13 2019

Does your Home or Business Have Good Water Pressure?

Low water pressure can be frustrating, you get into the shower, turn it on and all you get is a dribble on your head. What should be a 5-minute shower turns into 20 minutes of waiting. But very high pressure can also be a problem, you turn on the tap in the bathroom sink and the pressure is so high it splashes the water onto your work clothes. It is, therefore, best to have the right amount of pressure for your home and business. Here are some of the things that may affect the pressure.

Main Valves

Most plumbing systems have two valves, one at the meter and another just before the water gets to the house. If these valves are half opened, this can affect the water pressure. If you experience low water pressure you may want to check if the valves are fully opened. Sometimes they could also be used to reduce the pressure if it may be too high. If the pressure is too high you can consider adjusting the valves to a level that will provide just the right amount of pressure.

Pipe Size

The smaller the pipe, the lower the pressure, if you are experiencing low water pressure, there is a chance that the pipes are too small to allow the right amount of water to the house. In the same way, if the pipes are too big, you will experience high pressure. You may need to have a plumber come in and check the size of your pipes and recommended an appropriate size.

Pressure Regulator

Does your house have a pressure regulator, these devices keep the water pressure at optimum levels, but sometimes they may fail. It could be because they are old or they could have sediment buildup that is affecting their normal function. With faulty regulators you will notice fluctuations in the water pressure, sometimes the water seems like it is jetting out and other times it is just trickling. Usually, most homeowners are not able to deal with this problem and it is best to call in a plumber to either set it to the right level or to fix whatever may be the problem with the regulator.

Water Heater

Sometimes the water pressure problem may be with the hot water, you realize that the hot water pressure is not good enough. In this case, there could be a problem of corrosion, many heaters end up with hard water problems and this affects the pressure, but it can also affect other appliances like the laundry machine and dishwasher. If you notice low pressure from the water heater, address the problem as soon as possible to prevent costly repairs of other appliances.


This is the most common problem that will affect the water pressure, if there is a leak in the pipes, obviously you will not have enough water coming through the taps. The problem though is some leaks are not easy to spot and it will take an investigation by a plumber to find the leak. If you have considered the different causes of low water pressure and yet the pressure still remains the same, then it is time to check internal pipes for leaks. Sometimes it is not clear whether your water pressure is enough, here are ways to tell

  • When you have more than one tap running, the amount of water reduces
  • When you turn the faucet to full, the flow of water doesn’t change much
  • Water jets out with too much force- The pressure is too high
  • It takes more than 5 seconds to fill a glass of water

Get the right amount of water pressure for your home and business, schedule an appointment now!

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