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Jul 14 2019

Drain and Sewer Video Inspection is Critical Before Investing in a New Home

Today, most homeowners don’t close their purchase without getting a general house inspection. Whether the property they are buying is old or new, they will choose a property inspection service to inspect the building for any damages. But, most homeowners fail to invest in inspecting the sewer lines, which could turn into a costly mistake.

The reasons why most homeowners overlook drain cleaning and sewer inspection are,

  • The drain and sewer lines are underground and out of sight
  • Home inspectors don’t have the specialized equipment or knowledge to perform a proper drain and sewer inspection.

Drain and Sewer Video Inspection

One of the most significant benefits of performing a drain and sewer video inspection before buying a new home is that you can escape from a lot of guesswork. Before a sewer or drain video inspection, plumbers attempt to figure out the existence of a drain or sewer line problem by doing guesswork. With a drain and sewer video inspection, you can minimize the amount of digging inside walls, under walls, or over an outdoor paved surface.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Most of the properties have built-in insertion points through which a drain or sewer video camera is inserted. If there is no insertion point, the plumber will dig a small hole to get to the pipe, and then make a small hole in the pipe through which he will insert the camera.

Step 2: When the camera is inserted into the pipe, it sends a live feed to a monitor/CCTV via a fiber optic cable, which allows the technician to view the inside of the pipe.

Step 4: Through the captured videos and pictures, the plumbing experts can determine whether your pipes are broken, have slipped, or if they are obstructed objects inside the pipe.

Step 5: Based on the findings, a detailed evaluation is done, and the necessary recommendations are made.

What Does it Identify?

Equipped with the latest recorders, that allows plumbers to take pictures and videos of the plumbing damages underlying the drain and sewer lines. It identifies damages such as,

  • A broken or cracked drain line
  • Tree roots invading the plumbing system which results in a clogged drain
  • Loose drain connections that have to be repaired

Benefits of Drain and Sewer Video Inspection

Drain and sewer video inspection allows plumbers to diagnose clogged drain problems most efficiently. It saves a lot of time and money. No digging required to locate the source of the problem. If you are buying a new home and want to evaluate the sewer lines and find a solution quickly, get in touch with us now.

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