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Sep 06 2015

How to Effectively Communicate with Your Commercial Plumber

We know how important communication is in the workplace. When communication breaks down, chaos can ensue. Communicating clearly with your service professional when you have a plumbing issue is just as important to the success of your business. At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we know that collaborating with our clients is critical to getting a job done right the first time. Whether you need a plumber for a quick task like unclogging a department store restroom, or for an extensive, long-term project like new construction, it’s imperative you establish efficient communication with your plumber from the very start. Here are some ways we find useful to develop a rewarding plumber-customer relationship.

Choose a Spokesperson

It’s easy for instructions, questions, and concerns to get overlooked when there are several people handling communication with the plumbing company. Designate one person to handle plumbing repairs and let that person speak directly with the plumber in Anaheim, CA. Having one point of contact makes it more likely than not that there won’t be misunderstandings about repairs, design changes, payment, or other concerns as projects progress.

Be Clear about the Nature of the Project

When you have a major construction project planned, it’s important that everyone is on the same page in terms of design, cost, and completion times. The only way that this can happen is if you come to the table with a clear idea of what you want from your plumber. Of course, you’ll have questions and we’re here to answer them but we need to know what you want to make sure we can deliver. Long-term plumbing projects run into obstacles and go longer than expected when customers are unclear about the end goal and are wishy-washy about making decisions.

Put Everything in Writing

Contracts keep everyone honest and on the same page. Contracts also make it easy to go back and see what was agreed upon during planning sessions. Putting your conversations in writing also help keep projects moving if someone leaves the company and you’re dealing with a new plumber or we’re talking to a new project manager.

Trust Your Plumber

You hired a commercial plumbing company to assist you with your repair or replacement project because you needed a trained, experienced professional. Trust your plumber and trust that you made a good hiring choice. If you’ve research the plumbing company, have proof of licensure and insurance, and the company comes highly recommend, the chances are good that you’re not going to have problems. If you have a high rise, low rise, industrial building, or any commercial property in between, give Rooter Hero Plumbing a call and discuss your plumbing concern with us today! We offer free estimates for all types of projects.

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