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Sep 09 2023

Essential Tools for a Sewer Line Inspection

Sewer lines are unsung heroes of our wastewater management systems, ensuring efficient disposal of sewage from our homes and businesses. Whether you are connected to a centralized sewer system or rely on a septic system, your sewer lines play a pivotal role in living a hygienic lifestyle.

As durable as they are built, sewer lines are not immune to problems such as corrosion, clogs, and deterioration. Get in the habit of regularly inspecting the area around your sewer line and schedule a professional sewer line inspection once every 18 to 24 months to make sure everything is in working order.

A trained plumber uses a host of tools to inspect for sewer line problems as well as vulnerabilities that can turn into issues down the line. In this brief article brought to you by Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air, we’ll introduce you to some of the tools of the trade.

Video Inspection Cameras

Video inspection cameras are specially designed to navigate the interior of sewer lines. These high-resolution cameras are inserted into the sewer line to provide a real-time visual inspection of the interior. They offer a detailed view of the condition of the sewer line, allowing for accurate diagnosis and assessment. They are incredibly valuable for detecting blockages, cracks, and other issues.

Sewer Line Scopes

Similar to cameras, sewer line scopes allow technicians to inspect sewer lines remotely. Scopes are typically used for smaller-diameter pipes and to access tight or hard-to-reach areas. They transmit real-time images to a monitor, allowing technicians to assess the condition of the pipes.

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is a technique used to locate leaks or openings in sewer lines. It involves introducing non-toxic, artificially generated smoke into the sewer system through a cleanout or other access point.

Smoke testing is especially useful for detecting hidden defects or connections between sewer and stormwater systems, which can lead to groundwater contamination. It provides a quick and efficient way to pinpoint problem areas.

Pressure Testing

Pressure testing involves introducing pressurized air or water into the sewer system to evaluate its integrity. This is typically done by sealing off a section of the sewer line and applying pressure.

Pressure testing helps technicians identify areas with leaks or weaknesses by monitoring changes in pressure. A drop in pressure indicates a problem in the sewer line. It can be particularly useful for detecting underground leaks that may not be visible through other inspection methods.

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Detecting a faulty or damaged sewer repair doesn’t always require sophisticated tools. Sometimes your nose is enough. If you notice the smell or sewage or experience wastewater or sewage backups in multiple, or ALL, plumbing fixtures, then it’s time to act.

Rooter Hero Plumbing is proud to offer emergency sewer repair services. Call us at any time of the day to get in touch with a live member of our team.

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