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Feb 24 2024

Frozen Pipes Myths Debunked

When winter's chill takes hold, our homes become fortresses, protecting us from the cold. Yet, with the dropping temperatures, our plumbing systems become vulnerable to frozen pipes, one of the season's most notorious challenges. While the internet and well-meaning neighbors overflow with advice, separating fact from fiction is important for protecting your home. At Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air, we offer professional plumbing repair service for local property owners. Whether you need pipe replacement, repiping, or an inspection from an experienced plumber, we can help keep your water flowing smoothly all winter long.

Why Pipes Freeze

The first chill of winter often brings a flurry of concern about pipes freezing. However, understanding when and why this happens is the first step in prevention. Pipes are most at risk in unheated interior spaces like basements, attics, and garages, as well as those running along exterior walls. When temperatures plummet, standing water in these pipes can freeze, expanding and putting immense pressure on the pipe walls.

Myth 1 - Every Frozen Pipe Will Burst

Contrary to popular belief, not all frozen pipes are ticking time bombs. The real danger occurs when pressure builds between the ice blockage and the closed faucet. This pressure can cause pipes to burst, but if managed properly, you can thaw pipes before any damage occurs.

Myth 2 - You Should Always Call a Plumber If Your Pipe Freezes

While it's important to take care of frozen pipes quickly, not every situation requires professional intervention. Simple steps like gently warming the pipe with a hair dryer or applying heat tape can sometimes resolve the issue. However, if you're unsure or the situation seems severe, calling in a professional for a plumbing service is the best course of action.

Myth 3 - Plumbers Are Making Millions from Frozen Pipes

This myth couldn't be further from the truth. Professional plumbers pride themselves on providing essential services to protect your home from damage. While emergency calls in the dead of winter are part of the job, the goal is always to offer cost-effective, preventive solutions to avoid such emergencies in the first place.

Why Prevention is Your Best Defense

Insulating pipes in vulnerable areas, sealing leaks that allow cold air inside, and keeping your home uniformly heated can prevent pipes from freezing. Also, letting faucets drip slightly during extreme cold can relieve pressure buildup within the pipes, reducing the risk of bursting.

Have You Been Searching for Reliable Local Plumbers for Your Next Plumbing Service?

In the frosty grip of winter, knowing you have a reliable plumbing company ready to help can bring immense relief when trouble arises. Whether you're facing a frozen pipe emergency or seeking preventive measures, our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes us the clear choice. We're here to ensure your home remains cozy, no matter how low the mercury drops. Are you looking for dependable plumbing solutions or tips to keep your pipes in top shape this winter? Contact us today if you have questions or when it's time to schedule an inspection, repiping service, plumbing repair service, or pipe replacement.

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