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Nov 24 2019

Frying Your Turkey This Thanksgiving? How To Dispose Of Oil

Deep frying your Thanksgiving turkey is a delicious way to prepare your bird. When done properly the meat stays nice and juicy while the outside crisps to perfection. Deep fried turkey dates back as far as the 1930’s. However, it didn’t really take off until the late 80’s. Since then it has gained in popularity, with celebrities and world class chefs documenting their endeavors. With that being said, we are particularly concerned about the aftereffects of deep frying your turkey, namely how you dispose of the oil. Here are some safe ways to dispose of oil. 

Keep The Oil Out Of Your Drains

First things first, PLEASE, don’t pour oil down the drain. When oil, grease, and other fats get poured down the drain, it causes all kinds of plumbing problems. The oil coats the inside walls of your pipes and eventually hardens. At which point it can start to collect other debris that end up down the drain like: hair, dental floss, cotton swabs, food particles, and other debris. Once this happens it forms a monster clog. This creates a huge nuisance not to mention a nasty mess. If by chance the oil makes it past your system, and into the sewer system it can solidify with other grease and debris and from what is known as a fat berg.    Fatbergs have been terrorizing sewage systems in major cities around the world. They cause a whole bunch of plumbing problems for city dwellers and are extremely cumbersome to get rid of. So, do yourself, and your city a favor and never pour oil, grease, or fat down the drain.   

Safe Ways To Dispose Of Oil

When it is time to dispose of oil, the first thing you need to think about is safety. Frying oil typically reaches temperatures of 375 °F to 400 °F. This poses a huge safety concern, and burns can easily happen if you are not careful. So when you go to dispose of oil, please let it completely cool down first before your try to dispose of it.    If you are throwing oil away, let it cool down to a safe temperature. Once it is cool, you can pour it into a disposable container. Milk cartons or take out food containers make excellent vessels for oil. Then through the container into the trash can. Some people like to freeze it fist, so that it completely solidified. This helps prevent a mess.   When frying a turkey, you need a lot of oil, 3-5 gallons. The best way to dispose of this much oil, is to recycle it. Many cities offer recycling service for oil, you can check with your local recycle center. To recycle to oil, wait until it has cooled to a safe temperature, then strain it into a sealed container.   

Safe Deep Fried Turkey Practices

There are a lot of safety concerns when it comes to deep frying a turkey. Like we mentioned above, the oil gets heated to unbelievable hot temperatures that can be very dangerous.   

  • Read and follow manufacturer's instructions 
  • Never operate an outdoor fryer indoors
  • Don’t leave your bird unattended
  • Sober frying is the safest frying
  • Never fry a frozen bird
  • Don’t overfill the oil
  • Slowly lower the turkey in 
  • Keep children and pets clear of the area

 Didn’t know you weren't supposed to dispose of oil down the drain? Your not alone, many people are unaware that they are damaging their plumbing systems by doing so. The best way to alleviate oil and grease in your drains is to have your drains professionally cleaned. Contact Rooter Hero today to set up an appointment.   

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