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Apr 29 2024

Hard Water vs. Soft Water: The Important Differences

When you turn on your faucet, do you get residues, spots on your dishes, and a shower that leaves your skin dry? If you would rather have a stream of clear, clean water, it might be time to invest in a water filtration system installation. At Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air, we offer reliable plumbing service for local property owners, and we’re ready to help you enjoy the benefits of soft water so you can improve the lifespan of your plumbing system and the health of your family. If you’re wondering whether or not hard water is a problem worth considering, continue reading for some important information.

Understanding Hard Water

Hard water is characterized by a high concentration of minerals, mostly calcium and magnesium. These minerals get picked up as water percolates through limestone and chalk deposits. While hard water is not harmful to health, it can be a nuisance in the home. It often leads to limescale build-up in pipes and appliances, reducing efficiency and increasing maintenance costs. Spotty dishes and lackluster laundry are other tell-tale signs of hard water. If your soap doesn’t lather well and your tea kettle is often ringed with white deposits, you’re likely dealing with hard water.

Benefits of Soft Water

Soft water, on the other hand, is treated water in which the only ion is sodium. This is achieved through ion exchange, which removes minerals like calcium and magnesium. The benefits of soft water are numerous. It is gentler on appliances and can extend their lifespan by preventing mineral build-up. Soft water also makes for a richer lather from soaps and detergents, meaning you can use less product and save money in the long run. As a bonus, it leaves your skin and hair feeling softer and less dry after washing.

Comparing Hard and Soft Wate

Understanding the differences between hard and soft water is necessary for making an informed decision about water treatment systems. Hard water that is rich in minerals can cause scaling and damage to fixtures and appliances. It can also affect the effectiveness of soaps and detergents. Soft water, treated to remove these minerals, prevents scale buildup, promotes more effective cleaning, and extends the lifespan of plumbing systems and appliances. Choosing between hard and soft water often comes down to weighing the benefits of mineral intake against the potential costs and inconveniences of scale buildup. A qualified plumber can test your water quality and offer recommendations to achieve quality water that is clean and delicious.

Are You Looking for a Local Plumber Who Can Provide Your Next Plumbing Service?

Deciding between hard and soft water depends on personal preferences and household needs. While hard water can be a natural way to intake essential minerals, the long-term costs and damages to plumbing systems and appliances aren’t worth it. Soft water offers a practical solution for many of the common water-related issues faced by homeowners today. If you’re looking to make a change, the team at Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air is ready to assist. Our water filtration system installation services can help ensure that your home enjoys the best quality water possible. Contact our office to schedule a consultation, inspection, installation or plumbing repair service in your area.

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