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When Should You Hire a Plumber?
August 26 / 2015

When Should You Hire a Plumber?

There are some household plumbing repairs  homeowners can do themselves to save money, but knowing when to hire a plumber is the best way to save the most money in the long run. Too many homeowners make the mistake of taking on a plumbing project that they don’t have the skills to complete and end up wasting more money than saving it. At Rooter Hero Plumbing, our goal is to provide affordable, quality plumbing repair and replacement service so you can sit back and enjoy the convenience of modern-day plumbing technology. Who wants to really spend their weekend cleaning a garbage disposal or fixing a toilet. We want you to take your weekends back and leave the repairs up to us. Here are five situations that require a call to your handy, neighborhood plumber: Water Heater Replacement: Buying a new water heater is not an inexpensive purchase. The last thing you want is to install it incorrectly, damaging it in the process and voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. A plumber will not only install and connect a new water heater for you, but dispose of the old one too. Low Water Pressure: You can spend hours researching the problem online or call a plumber to analyze the situation for you. Low water pressure can be the result of a problem with the city’s water supply, clogged water lines, or poor installation. A plumber has the skills and tools to determine the cause of the problem fast. Clogged Sewer Line: Don’t mess around with a sewer line problem. Trying to fix this problem yourself can lead to sewer gases and raw sewage backing up into your home. A licensed plumber can quickly and affordably solve most sewer line problems using trenchless sewer line repair and a variety of other methods. Broken Water Lines: Damaged piping needs an expert touch, especially piping in the walls or beneath your home’s concrete slab. Water line repair can be time intensive. Let a professional take care of this problem for you. No Hot Water: Many problems could contribute to this such as a broken water heater, incorrectly set thermostat, or sediment in the tank. You can spend your valuable free time trying to figure out a solution or add more hours to your weekend by letting the experts handle the diagnosis and repair.