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Aug 24 2015

Why Does My Home Smell Like Sewage Every Time It Rains?

This is a question that many homeowners ask. Chronic sewage smells after a rainfall or even when the furnace or air conditioner is running can be a sign of a septic problem. The bad news is that if you’re smelling this vexing smell, your home and health could be in danger. The good news is that professional and experienced plumbers can help you take care of the problem before the worst-case scenario happens. So, what is the smell? What you’re smelling are sewer gases that are making their way into your home. Sewer gasses form when waste materials decompose. Normally, the gasses are contained within the sewer piping that runs to public or private sewer systems or septic systems. If there is a crack, obstruction, or other damage to the sewer line, this creates a situation where the sewer gas can leak out of the pipe or back up into your home. Other reasons for sewer gas smells include the following:

  • Clogged plumbing vents
  • Slow evaporation from fixture traps
  • Improper installation
  • Age of the house

Sewer gas that is present in a home can be quite dangerous. It can create toxic air, and because sewer gas has a methane component to it, it can be highly explosive.

How Do I Take Care of the Problem?

First, pick up the phone and call a licensed plumber in your area that is highly experienced in sewer line repair. The plumber you call should not only be knowledgeable in public and private septic systems, but he or she should also be skilled in using the latest technology to detect sewer gas leaks. An experienced plumber should know how to use a smoke generation machine that attaches to the plumbing drain system. When this machine goes to work, smoke moves through the plumbing system and will push through any areas that have damage. Using this machine, it is possible for a qualified plumber to find the source of a sewer leak in as little as an hour. If you’re concerned about gaseous smells in your home, get in touch with a plumber right away. At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we know the importance of getting these kinds of situations under control to prevent damage to your home or your health. Call today to troubleshoot the situation and to schedule an appointment for same-day, affordable repair service. We also offer water leak and clogged pipe detection services to prevent damage to your home.

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