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May 15 2022

How Do We Clean Sewer Lines?

Have you been struggling with recurring clogs for months? Are you experiencing common symptoms of sewer line leaks, like sewage smells or water damage? Then it’s time to get help from our reliable plumbers. The team at Rooter Hero Plumbing provides dependable residential and commercial services for local clients, including root removal, drain cleaning, and trenchless sewer line repair in California and Arizona area communities. While there could be multiple factors causing hidden leaks or chronic blockages, invading root systems is one of the most common culprits. Are you wondering if your plumbing issues are due to root growth in your sewer line? Read below for some more information that can help you restore the condition of your underground pipes.

Why Do Roots Invade Sewer Lines?

Trees, shrubs, and other plants use their roots to find water and essential nutrients. It just so happens that your sewer line contains all of the things that plants need to thrive. Basically, your plumbing system is like a free buffet. If the roots of a nearby tree are able to make their way into your underground pipes via leaks or loose fittings, then it’s only a matter of time before the roots take hold and rapidly overpower your sewer line. The end result can mean property damage, contamination, and loss of value for the home or commercial building.

How Root Infiltration Causes Chronic Plumbing Problems

When roots are inside your sewer line, it can create a host of plumbing problems, including recurring clogs, wastewater backups, hidden leaks, water damage, toxic mold growth, and exposure to harmful bacteria. If caught early, roots can be easily removed using hydro jetting and sewer line cleaning services. However, if the issue goes undetected for months or even years, then the roots can become very large and difficult to remove. Once the roots have reached a certain stage of development, they can begin to break your pipes, causing a sewer line collapse and a very large contaminated mess.

Understanding the Root Removal Process

If plumbers discover roots inside your sewer line, it might be possible to reverse the damage with a combination of drain cleaning and trenchless pipe repair services. Our hydro jets will blast through the layers of roots and solid waste inside your pipes, allowing water to flow freely again. Then our team will install a fusible liner that will reinforce your existing pipes, seal off small leaks, and deter future root growth. Unfortunately, if the condition of your sewer line has already deteriorated due to severe damage or corrosion, then a conventional sewer line replacement service might be needed.

Do You Need a Root Removal or Trenchless Sewer Line Repair? Give Us a Call

Have you determined that root invasion might be the reason behind your failing sewer line? Then get help from the technicians at Rooter Hero Plumbing today. Our dependable plumbers have the training, experience, and specialized equipment required to get your pipes back in prime condition fast. Contact our office for more information about our service or to schedule a time for your next appointment.

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