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How Galvanized Plumbing Could Cost You Thousands
February 12 / 2016

How Galvanized Plumbing Could Cost You Thousands

Homeowners living in homes built before the 1980s may have hidden plumbing issues on the verge of costing them thousands of dollars. This is because many homes built prior to 1980 were constructed using galvanized plumbing. What’s wrong with galvanized piping? A lot, says Ron Herring of Rooter Hero Plumbing in Houston, TX. “Galvanized piping has an expiration date, so to speak,” says Herring. “Over time, corrosion occurs and this can cause a lot of problems for homeowners.” Problems that homeowners like Lacee Kramer know about all too well. “We bought a 1960s bungalow in the Woodlands area of Houston. My husband and I fell in love with its charm and vintage appeal,” Kramer recalls. “What we didn’t realize was that the vintage feel extended to the plumbing behind the walls.” Shortly after buying their home, Lacee and her husband began to notice that the water pressure was significantly lower than what they were used to. They contacted the municipal water supply only to find out everything was just fine on the utility company’s end. This is when the Kramers started to get worried. “We called our local plumber and he quickly determined the problem was rust inside our pipes. At the moment, the rusting was only affecting the water pressure in the master bathroom shower, but it was only a matter of time before other problems would start happening.” What happened next? The Kramers opted to replace the galvanized plumbing throughout the 1400 square foot home – not an inexpensive plumbing job. What’s the lesson here? Homeowners who have older properties or are considering purchasing older homes should have the pipes inspected for signs of aging. Aging pipes not only have evidence of corrosion, but they are more susceptible to leaks. A burst pipe in the middle of the night is not something you want to wake to and it can cause a great deal of water damage to walls, flooring, and a home’s foundation. Related Post: Do I Need a Permit when Changing My Plumbing? The best solution, when faced with aging galvanized pipes, is to replace them with CPCV pipes. CPCV material is the industry standard and much more durable, designed to stand up to heavy usage. Replacing the piping system in a home isn’t cheap. It can run homeowners anywhere from $6, 000 – $10,000 for full replacement, but the peace of mind it brings is priceless. Homeowners in the Houston area can contact Rooter Hero Plumbing for more information about pipe replacement and to schedule a free estimate. Rooter Hero Plumbing is also available in Arizona (Phoenix and Tucson) and many areas in Northern and Southern California.