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How Plumbing Automation Can Keep Your Employees Healthy
November 11 / 2015

How Plumbing Automation Can Keep Your Employees Healthy

Employee health is a top concern for any business or organization. Sickness is not only a miserable experience for the individual, but it also means loss of productivity for the employer. Maintaining a sanitary environment is particularly important in the food service industry, as customers and inspectors both expect high levels of cleanliness in the establishment.

Hands-Free for a Healthy Workplace

One of the big advantages of automated plumbing is a decreased risk of transmission of contagious disease, as well as a general increase in hygiene in the workplace. Minimizing contact with communal surfaces hinders germs from spreading between employees and customers. Automated toilets are a common sight in many modern structures. With the addition of seat covers, the user does not have to make contact with the fixture at any time. It also ensures that the toilet will be flushed between each use, so the next user does not have to deal with a mess left behind by someone else. Faucets, paper towel dispensers, and air dryers can also be equipped with motion sensors, allowing employees to use the bathroom and wash their hands without ever touching a shared surface. Since many germs are transmitted by touch, this hands-free process greatly reduces the risk of spreading many common diseases. Depending on the complexity of the automation, toilets can also include a cleaning system that sterilizes the seat between each use. This limits the need for covers, which can create clutter and mess in the stalls when used improperly.

Other Advantages of Automated Plumbing

Hands-free plumbing fixtures also speeds up trips to the restroom and reduces the opportunity for user error or negligence. Many plumbing problems in the workplace stem from a lack of attention or misuse of the fixtures. By automating the process, there is little risk of employees damaging the fixtures. Plumbing automation also improves the perceived cleanliness of the establishment, which is particularly important for restrooms shared with customers. Since standards of personal cleanliness vary between individuals, automation reduces the chances of a customer or employee being offended by the state of the facilities.