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Feb 20 2019

How Regular Maintenance for Your Heater Can Curb Heating Costs

This winter has proven to be unusually wet and cold for much of the western United States. For many households, their heating systems have been working overtime, trying to combat low  temperatures. This of course, ups the operating costs. This is why regular maintenance for your heater is so important. 

Thermostat Check

An important part of regular maintenance for your heater includes a thermostat check. Over time your thermostat can wear out,  which can make maintaining the temperature in your home more challenging. In addition, there are many new “smart” thermostats on the market, that help you program your thermostat to only engage at certain times of day or even control your thermostat remotely. Smart thermostats help you run your heater more efficiently, which can help curb heating costs this winter.

Clean or Replace Filters

Dirty filters can really be a drag for your heating system. Filters are in place to help filter the air circulated by your heater. Over time, these filters need to either be cleaned or replaced. This helps improve air flow, which helps your heater work more efficiently. 

Clean Blower

The blower sits right behind your air filters. When small particles escape your air filters, they can start to collect in the blower. This can result in your heater working harder to maintain the temperature of your home. So, after you clean or replace the air filters, the next step is to clean the blower, its pulleys, and belts to remove any dust build up.  

Clean Ducts and Vents

Part of thorough maintenance for your heater includes cleaning the ducts and vents. Here a lot of dirt and debris can build up, creating obstructions for air flow. The more build up the harder your heater has to work. Cleaning your ducts and vents is good to help your heater run more effectively and efficiently. It also is good to improve the air quality in your home.

Check the Fan

Your heaters fan can build up with dust and debris, just like the rest of the working parts of your heater. This makes it a lot harder for your heater to circulate air, which can drive up operating costs. As part of your regular maintenance for your heater, the fan should be inspected and cleaned of any dust buildup.  Having a heater that is free from dust and debris buildup will not only help insure that your heater works more effectively and efficiently, it will also help ensure that your heater is working safely. As part of regular maintenance for your heater, you heater will be inspected for safety concerns, like gas leaks or electrical issues. While saving money on operating costs is important, protecting the safety of your loved ones is even more important. Regular maintenance for your heater should be conducted once a year. During your inspection, your carbon monoxide detectors should also be checked to make sure they are properly functions. To learn more about regular maintenance for your heater contact Rooter Hero today!  

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