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Jun 25 2019

How The Summer Heat Can Affect Your Plumbing

With Summertime finally underway we can finally start enjoying those longer days and outdoor activities. But with all the joys that warmer weather brings, there are a few areas of concern in regards to your plumbing. We know your plumbing is probably the furthest thing from your mind, however we just want you to be informed in the event of a plumbing emergency this summer. Here is how the summer heat can affect your plumbing. 

Expanding Pipes

One way the summer heat can affect your plumbing is pipe expansion. During heat waves, high temperatures can cause your pipes to expand or even burst! Even pipes that are located underground are susceptible to extreme temperatures. This can cause a huge mess, a lot of damage, and waste a lot of water. If you notice warm or lukewarm water when you turn on the cold water, there could be a leak. Another sign is a spike in your water bill. These leaks can be somewhat difficult to detect, especially if they occur underground. The best line of defense against burst pipes is to make sure your pipes are inspected regularly, properly insulated, and buried deep enough in the ground so afford them some protection from extreme temperatures.  

UV Damaged Pipes

Years of the sun beating down on exposed pipes can lead to significant damage to your plumbing. While it may not happen overnight, weak or brittle pipes should be replaced at the first signs of damage. The sun's UV rays are damaging to your skin as well as your plumbing, proper insulation can help.  

Clogged Toilets

Clogged toilets are another plumbing problem that is quite common during summer. This is largely because there are more people at home and therefore more frequent use. Whether its your children that are home from school for the summer or your find yourself entertaining more, your plumbing sees a lot more traffic and is therefore more susceptible to clogs. To prevent clogs, it is a good idea to take preventative measures. Have your drains cleaned and inspected, and be sure to communicate with your family and friends about proper usage.  

Tree Roots

Another way the summer heat can damage your plumbing is from tree roots. During the warmer months, trees reach their peak growing season. There is more light, and therefore some species may see exponential growth. Tree roots naturally grow towards water, which means that they will naturally be attracted to your plumbing pipes. Once tree roots infiltrate your plumbing, you have a serious plumbing problem on your hands. Serious backup and clogged drains are one sign of tree root damage. The only way to know for sure is to have your plumbing properly inspected.  Anytime during heavy usage, your plumbing will be more prone to mishaps. During the summer you may find yourself entertaining more, watering more, using the pool more, ect… all of these activities can put extra pressure on your plumbing system. Most plumbing problems can be prevented with regular maintenance. Regular drain cleaning and routine inspections can help prevent plumbing problems, and alert you to their presence early on so that you can make repairs and not be caught off guard. To learn more or to schedule your appointment contact Rooter Hero today!   

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