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Oct 03 2019

How to Determine a Main Sewer Line Blockage?

The sewer line is the lifeline of your residential plumbing system, and any damage or clogs in this pipeline could wreak havoc on your property. When sewer line pipes get damaged, the cost involved to repair or replace these pipes is very high. A blockage or clog in the sewer line might be unseen, but it can cause extensive damage inside your home. If you determine the risks associated with the sewer line earlier, you can fix the issue without any additional cost or hassle. So, watch for the following warning signs of main sewer line blockages to find the issue at the earliest.

Warning Signs of a Clogged Main Sewer Line

Multiple Backups in Drain

Main sewer line blockage can be determined when more than one drain is foul-smelling, moving slowly, and has watering backing up. So, check all the water fixtures, including toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, and more. A blockage in the main sewer line affects various drains in your home as the drains of every water fixture are linked to the main sewer line.

Drainage in Sewer Cleanout

A sewer cleanout is a pipe that gives direct access to Inland Empire plumbers to clear any clogs and is directly connected to the main sewer line. This pipe is located just outside the home or in the basement marked with a cap either round or rectangular. Your plumbers will conclude blockage in the main sewer line if you see sewage standing in or draining out of the sewer cleanout.

Sewage Coming Up from Floor Drains

When your main sewer line is clogged, there is no way for the sewage and wastewater sitting in the pipes to escape. So, the sewage will force its way into the secondary line and comes out of floor drains.

Water Backs Up in Water Fixtures

When you use water fixtures in your home, the water backs up in random places. This is a clear indication of a clogged main sewer line. The reason behind this is there is no place for wastewater stagnated in your clogged sewer line to go, and is forced back up through other drain lines.

Sewer Line Camera Inspection

When you hire the plumbing services in the Inland Empire CA, they will use sewer line camera inspection to locate the clog and take immediate measures to unclog the drain. They address your repair needs professionally and provide routine maintenance to prevent any future problems. Need professional help for your sewer line problems? As a leading plumbing company in the Inland Empire CA, we provide honest and reliable services that are second to none. Call us for more information.     

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