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Feb 04 2022

How to Remove a Drain Stopper

Do you have to rush through showers because the water backs up inside the tub or stall? Did your wedding ring slip off and fall into the drain? While there are many reasons why homeowners would want to remove the drain stopper, the task can sometimes be frustratingly difficult to perform. If you’re unsure of what to do to get your drain stopper out, then we’re here to help. At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we offer premium residential and commercial services for California and Arizona area property owners, including clogged drain cleaning and pipe maintenance. Our local plumbers want you to be empowered to handle minor plumbing problems, so you can better care for your pipes and fixtures between services. If you need to take care of a small drain clog or recover a small object, then ??here are the steps to take to properly remove the drain stopper.


To remove a toe or foot touch stopper, you’ll need to use a pair of tongs or a screwdriver to pry the plunger rod out of position. With the plunger removed, you can pull up on the rubber top and rotate the head of the strainer clockwise. You can then pull it up on the knob to fully remove it.


These stoppers have a push-pull rod located on the side. To remove it you’ll need to wiggle the knob until it is freed. Then look for the area where it connects with the crossbar of the strainer and carefully remove it with a flathead screwdriver.

Lift and Turn

Lift and turn stoppers are usually attached with two screws. Make sure that the stopper is in the "open" position using your hand to hold it. Remove the stopper by rotating the knob in the opposite direction and you should see the screws. Use the appropriate screwdriver to unfasten it, but avoid losing the screws down the drain. Once the screws have released the stopper, you can pull it up to release it.

Next Steps

Once the drain stopper has been removed, you can then use a flashlight to look inside. A screwdriver can then be used to get rid of any items or debris that may be near the surface. If the object or clog is further down, then you’ll probably need a professional plumber who can perform advanced services such as camera inspections, clog removal, drain cleaning or hydro jetting.

Do You Need Plumbers for a Clogged Drain Cleaning Service? Call Rooter Hero

Is your stopper refusing to come out despite your best efforts? Did you remove the stopper, but can’t seem to reinstall it? Does your shower or bathtub continue to backup on a regular basis? Regardless of what kind of plumbing problem arises, the experienced plumbers at Rooter Hero are always here to help. Contact our office for more details about our offerings or to schedule an appointment for your next clogged drain cleaning, clog removal, hydro jetting service or pipe inspection.

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