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Mar 24 2024

How to Tell if Your Furnace is Short-Cycling

Is your furnace turning on and off more frequently than ever before, perhaps even within a few minutes? This is a common issue known as short cycling. While many people may struggle with short cycling, the problem can cause increased wear and tear on your system, higher energy bills, and a less comfortable home. At Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air, we provide a wide selection of professional services, from air conditioning repair to furnace repair and heating replacement. Keep reading to find out why this is happening and how you can bring back the cozy comfort of your household.

Overheating Furnaces

When your furnace feels like it's running a marathon in desert-like conditions, overheating could be the reason behind its short breaks. An overheating furnace will shut down to protect itself from damage, only to restart again once it has cooled down. Regular maintenance checks can prevent this overheating process and ensure your furnace runs smoothly.

Dysfunctional Flame Sensor

Imagine a guard that cries wolf every time it sees a shadow, causing unnecessary panic. A faulty flame sensor acts similarly, shutting down your furnace because it mistakenly believes the flame has gone out. Cleaning or replacing the flame sensor can resolve this miscommunication, restoring peace and warmth to your home.

Full Filters

A dirty furnace filter makes everything work harder and less efficiently. If your furnace is short-cycling, the culprit could be a clogged filter restricting airflow. By simply replacing or cleaning the filter, you can ensure your furnace breathes easily and runs as intended.

Blocked Heat Grates

Furniture rearranging can sometimes block your heat grates, turning your living space into an unwanted game of temperature hide-and-seek. Ensure all grates are clear from obstructions to allow for proper airflow and prevent short cycling due to overheated rooms.

Blocked Exhaust Vent

A blocked exhaust vent can cause trouble for your furnace. This blockage can lead to an accumulation of harmful gases and cause the furnace to shut off prematurely. Routine inspections can keep your furnace’s path clear for safe and efficient operation.

Thermostat Placement

Placing a thermostat next to a window or in direct sunlight leads to inaccurate readings and makes your furnace cycle on and off unnecessarily. Moving the thermostat to a more suitable location can stabilize your home's heating.

Oversized Furnace

Installing a furnace that's too large for your space may be overkill and can lead to problems like short cycling. A properly sized furnace is important for efficient and effective heating. If short-cycling persists, it might be time to reassess whether your furnace is too big for your property.

Do You Need Help from a Local HVAC Company?

Short cycling in furnaces can make your home feel unpredictable. If you want to maintain a comfortable and energy efficient home, then it’s important to get help from an HVAC company that can offer the right solutions. Call Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air. We can make sure that your furnace is up to the task. Contact our office for more answers to your questions or to schedule a time for your next air conditioning repair, furnace repair or heating replacement.

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