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Nov 27 2015

How Your Plumbing Can Benefit from Whole-House Filtration

Clean water is gentler on your pipes and appliances. Filtered water tastes good and can also improve the texture and brightness of skin and hair. Many people believe the water coming through their taps is the cleanest water available, but that may not be the case. Municipal water suppliers do a good job of removing containments; however, sometimes minerals pass through the city’s filtration process and find their way into your home. Although minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium are not toxic, an excessive amount of mineral deposits can harden water and cause your plumbing system to work harder.  A whole house filtration system can filter out the majority of mineral deposits, leaving you with softer, cleaner water.

I Have Faucet Filters. Why Do I Need a Whole House System?

Filters that fit over kitchen faucets and showerheads work well, but they are not protecting the interior of your pipes. These products only treat the water as it comes through the nozzle or sprayer, and it only filters water at a particular point. A whole house filter treats the water at its source. Any water coming into your home is automatically treated before it travels farther through your home’s water pipes.

What Are Customizable Filtration Systems?

Not every homeowner has the same filtration needs. Some homes have minimal water filtration needs and would benefit from a simpler system. Other homes, especially homes with a large amount of square footage, may require a more powerful system to treat the water completely. Finding the right system for you shouldn’t be the result of trial and error. When you contact an experienced plumber, you’ll choose the right system the first time.

Are Filtration Systems Expensive?

Cleaner, better-smelling water doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The final cost depends on the type of system you purchase and the amount of labor needed to complete the install. At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we offer free estimates and no-obligation water evaluations. If you’re not in an area serviced by Rooter Hero Plumbing, check with your local plumber for pricing.

Can I Install the System Myself to Save Money?

Saving money is our customers’ top priority and our main concern. Installing a whole house filtration system can be complex and requires specialized tools and skills. It isn’t a DIY, home improvement job that we recommend tackling yourself. If you install the system incorrectly, you could damage your pipes and end up spending more money to fix those problems. Let a licensed and insured plumber help you out with this one! If you’re interested in learning more about the available models or need your water tested, give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss your filtration needs and make professional recommendations.    

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