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Jul 06 2019

Indoor Plumbing, One of The Oldest Inventions Everyone Takes For Granted!

Did you know indoor plumbing is one of the oldest inventions that everyone takes for granted every day? However, the plumbing system of today is far more advanced than the plumbing systems of the past. But, with advancement comes complicated maintenance!

Do you think a small leak cannot be so devastating? Then, you are wrong!

A recent report by EPA states that indoor air pollutant levels can be as much as 2-5 times higher than outdoor levels, and much more in extreme cases when severe pipe leaks go unnoticed for prolonged periods. From slow drains to leaky faucets, each plumbing issue is annoying and needs immediate attention. If you need professional plumbing service, Rooter Hero Plumbing has got you covered! With over 90 years of industrial experience, we are committed to provide you with the highest quality plumbing and drain cleaning services. No matter what plumbing emergency you're facing, our professionals are at your service night and day with no overtime charges.

Our Unique Features Include:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Quick Response Time
  • Available 7/24/365
  • Trained and Licensed Technicians
  • 90+ Years of Plumbing Experience and Heritage
  • Employ Latest Sewer Technology and more

If you have any plumbing problems, then give us a call at (844) 219-2215!

We’re ready today to help you!

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Dryer Vent Special


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$95 (Reg $195) up to 6 feet. Your dryer's exhaust system can get clogged with lint, which will keep your dryer from functioning properly. As a result the dryer will take longer to dry clothes, and it will also increase your electric bill and create a fire risk.


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Air Duct Cleaning


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Starting at $195

Starting at $195 (Reg $600) - up to 6 runs, $45 per each extra run.
Eliminating dust, dirt, and microbial growth from your duct work can improve indoor air quality while maintaining a cleaner home and increasing HVAC efficiency.


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Furnace or AC
Safety Inspection


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Per Unit Reg. $229 & Up - Residential homes only. The price does not include filters. Cannot be combined with any other offer.  


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