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Is My Landlord Responsible for Plumbing Repairs?
October 26 / 2015

Is My Landlord Responsible for Plumbing Repairs?

Whether you are a tenant or a property owner, it is important to understand your rights when it comes to repairs and maintenance to your plumbing system. While details regarding the responsibilities of each party are defined in the lease, California law requires the landlord to maintain a basic livable environment for the tenant. While many jurisdictions, including the state of California, enforce landlord maintenance of rental properties, the exact laws and requirements may change between cities, counties, and states. When in doubt, contact a local legal expert to examine the laws that apply to you.

When Does My Landlord Need to Fix the Plumbing?

When it comes to landlord plumbing responsibilities, the key word is “habitable.” According to California law, a habitable living or work space must have basic plumbing facilities in working order, including: • Hot and cold running water • Connection to sewage system • Functioning toilet, sink and bath fixtures • Privacy and ventilation in the bathroom The owner is also responsible for keeping the property safe and up to date with all legal codes and regulations. In the event that the space becomes uninhabitable, the landlord may also need to compensate the tenant for temporary lodging.

When Is the Tenant Responsible for Repairs?

While the bulk of the plumbing burden falls on the shoulders of the property owner, there are some cases where the tenant is liable for the costs. The person or business renting the space must keep the premises reasonably clean and operate the plumbing system appropriately. If a toilet becomes clogged because the tenant flushed garbage instead of throwing it away, then they will likely have to foot the bill. The cost of plumbing repairs and maintenance resulting from misuse, even if it is accidental, are usually the responsibility of the renters. Tenants should contact the landlord as soon as possible in the event of a plumbing issue. Neglecting to inform the property owner within a reasonable time frame could make you liable for repairs and cleanup.

Use a Detailed Lease to Protect Yourself

Both the tenant and landlord will benefit from a detailed and comprehensive lease agreement. Plumbing responsibilities should be clearly outlined for both parties so that there is no reason for a dispute at a later date. Renters should ask about plumbing repair costs and carefully read the entire agreement before signing. The lease may require the tenant to take care of minor repairs or maintain certain standards beyond the minimum. Occupants should take precautions to ensure the health of their plumbing system. Use catchers to stop hair and other objects from clogging the drains and keep an eye out for leaks so you can report them immediately. Have an immediate need and can't get a hold of your landlord? Give Rooter Hero Plumbing for emergency service 24/7.