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Oct 13 2019

Cost-Saving Plumbing Tips from San Mateo Plumbers

Plumbing problems occur when you least expect it and can be quiet frustrating for the homeowners. When it comes to plumbing issues, the most common damages that are caused include leaks, clogs, and sewer or septic issues. These issues not only damage your property but also cost you more money.  Scheduling preventative maintenance for plumbing services in San Mateo allows you to keep your plumbing system in good working condition and protects you from unnecessary costs from plumbing damages. Here are a few money-saving plumbing tips listed below to optimize your plumbing system for cost-effectiveness.

Cost-Saving Tips from San Mateo Plumbers

Avoid Frozen Pipes

With winter right around the corner, frozen pipes can cause unexpected damages to your plumbing system and wreak havoc in your home. The cracks and bursts caused in the broken pipes lead to expensive plumbing repairs. So, it is essential to insulate the exposed pipes before the winter arrives to keep pipes from freezing.

Seal the Drips

One of the most visible signs of a plumbing leakage is pools of water on your basement floor that is caused by a loose or broken valve or broken pipe. If it’s not sealed properly, it serves as a breeding place for odor-causing bacteria and mold can begin to form in these places.

Don’t Flush Objects

Your toilet is made to handle wastes, and every other product must go into the garbage disposal. But, in reality, from feminine products to cigarettes butts, everything gets ended up in the toilet. This act could clog your toilets and can cause messy repairs. So, avoid flushing foreign objects in your toilet, including those labeled as ‘flushable.’

Clean Drains

A clogged drain will cause water backups and leads to breakage in your home’s plumbing system. To avoid this situation, don’t throw food debris, hair, greases, and other things down your drains. Also, call your San Mateo plumbers to schedule routine maintenance to check that your drain is working well.

Fix a Leaky Toilet

Did you know a leaky toilet that continually refills every twenty minutes can waste more than 7000 gallons of water in a month? Replacing your toilet with a low flow model or repairing it can save you over a thousand dollar in a single year.

Say No to Chemical Drain Cleaners

Some people pour chemicals and liquid drain cleaners down the drain in an attempt to clear clogs. But, these chemicals lubricate the clog instead of removing it. Moreover, the liquid drain cleaners used causes chemical reactions within the drain pipe and result in some nasty damages to your pipe. So, avoid using these chemicals and liquid drain cleaners and call a professional plumbing company in San Mateo CA to unclog your drains. Worried about the cost spent on your plumbing every year? Schedule an appointment with our San Mateo plumbers to get some money-saving tips that could save you from unexpected repairs and damages.  

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