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Apr 24 2022

Most Common Spring Plumbing Problems

Spring is full of beautiful blooming flowers, humming bumblebees, pretty songbirds, and warm breezes. With all of the colors and inspiring landscape, it’s easy to forget about plumbing maintenance. Many people focus heavily on keeping their pipes well cared for through the freezing winter season but aren’t aware that the extra sunshine and temperate weather can also bring new concerns for plumbing systems. The professionals at Rooter Hero Plumbing understand the importance of keeping your pipes, fixtures, and appliances all year long. Our dependable plumbers offer quality services for California and Arizona property owners, including leak detection, clog removals, and clogged drain repair. Are you wondering which plumbing issues can arrive in the springtime? Here is a list of the most common problems for homeowners.

Leaky Pipes and Fixtures

In the wintertime, the water that flows through your pipes will expand and contract as it freezes and thaws. The buildup in air pressure can weaken the walls of your pipes, potentially leaving them susceptible to damage. As the warm weather arrives, this can cause the pipes to expand, possibly causing the small leaks to grow larger. You may notice a sudden rise in utility costs or see visible signs of water damage. If so, be sure to call a plumber right away. They will be able to locate the source of the hidden leak and repair your pipes before further damage or mold growth occurs.

Clogged Gutters

When compared to a burst pipe, a blocked gutter or downspout might not seem like that big of a deal. However, gutter maintenance is essential to keeping your roof, exterior siding, and foundation in good condition. If your gutters are clogged with leaves and bird nests, then the rainwater cannot be properly channeled away from your home. This can cause water to pool on your roof, where leaks can develop. Likewise, water that runs off the side of the gutter due to a blockage can lead to standing water forming near your foundation, causing soil erosion and even cracks in the concrete slab. It is best to clean out your gutter system at least twice a year to avoid major blockages.

Root Infiltration

Another common plumbing issue that can become severe in the springtime is root invasion. If minor punctures developed in your pipes in the previous freezing temperatures, then small roots might find their way inside. Once there, the nutrients offered by your plumbing system combined with the warm spring weather can put root growth in overdrive, eventually causing sewage backups and other serious pipe trouble. An inspection can help to determine the severity of the root damage. Minor issues can often be solved with hydro-jetting and trenchless pipe repair techniques. More extreme damage could require a traditional pipe replacement service.

Do You Need Reliable Plumbers for Your Hidden Leaks or Clogged Drain Repair?

Have you begun to suspect a hidden leak or root growth is the cause of your sudden plumbing problems? Get the help you need by calling Rooter Hero Plumbing today. Our experienced plumbers are always ready to come to save the day. Let us take care of your next leak detection service, plumbing inspection, or clogged drain repair, so you can go back to enjoying the fresh spring season.

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