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Aug 21 2015

Do You Need to Replace Your Plumbing?

Whether you own an older home or you live in a new build, eventually you’re going to be faced with the decision of whether or not you need to replace a pipe or other plumbing component. Nothing lasts forever and this includes water lines, pipes, and drains. If you do not replace broken components, leaks will develop, which can lead to additional problems like water damage, mold, and raw sewage flooding your home. Why put your home or savings at risk? Of course, it’s not always easy to determine if you need to replace plumbing. So, here are a few tips for making the decision a little easier.

What Is the Age of Your Water Lines?

Homeowners who live in older homes may have outdated drain lines and supply lines. Consider the following info regarding usage and lifespan: Supply lines – These lines are used the most and under the most pressure. They are the first pipes to leak. Supply lines can be manufactured from copper, brass, or galvanized steel. Each has a different expected lifespan.

  • Brass: 80 – 100 years
  • Copper: 70- 80 years
  • Galvanized steel: 80 – 100 years

Drain lines – These components of your plumbing system have a lifespan that varies greatly depending on the material. PVC is the most popular, but also experiences the most problems.

  • PVC: - 25 – 40 years
  • Cast iron – 80 – 100 years

Keep in mind that well-maintained pipes can last many years longer. Likewise, pipes that are not maintained can fail frequently and need replacement sooner rather than later.

What Color Is Your Water?

Rust-colored water coming out of your faucets could indicate your pipes are corroded. Sometimes water color is affected by hard water. But, if your water has been tested, and its hardness factor is minimal, call a plumber right away to inspect your pipes for rot and deterioration.

Do You Have Sporadic Leaks?

An increase in intermittent leakage from different pipes in your home is another tell-tale signs that something is amiss. Get the problem checked out sooner rather than later to avoid water damage. Ultimately, the only sure way to know if you need to replace plumbing lines is to call an experienced plumber to evaluate the situation. At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we help thousands of customers every year make this decision. We offer services such as video camera drain inspection to identify problems quickly.  Give us a call today to schedule a consultation for a no-cost, no-obligation inspection!

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